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top-technology-trends-2018 2018-08-03

Top 6 Trending Technologies In IT Industry For 2018

In the fast growing world, technologies are expanding and improving day by day. There’s probably no doubt that the list of modern technology trends in IT industry is too long  and there’s lot more in the market. The exponential changes in the technology direction for machine learning and artificial intelligence are transforming the industries, making …


Creating fascinating, talk that is meaningful isn’t an activity that is straightforward.

Here one normally comprises the opening components of the essay. The matter may choose the principal or main topic of the essay. Also, you will receive to relish writing the essay more. Use these formulation to assist you compose the ideal composition possible. Finding out the way to compose documents is a significant element of …


Java vs PHP vs RoR vs .Net

So, its kind of crazy, but we do them all. It makes us feel like we are a decent authority at discussing what language is better. Java vs PHP Both Java and PHP are completely different beasts. They are different in how they came about, reasons why they succeeded, and what place they have in …


Is java dead in 2015?

When we started working on Java, Java was the IT thing. Really, people wrote songs about Java. Sun (now deceased) was the company to work for, and James Gossling was the coolest cat in the Silicon Valley. So, what is different now days? Is java still the same thing? Is it dead? And here I …


UX Best Practices For User Retention

The most successful apps give us a reason to come back every day. We return to Facebook and Twitter every day because of the community social media fosters — for better or worse. When you need to check your bank balance (which, admit it, is most of us daily), you visit the Chase app. But …

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