Interviewing at RedBlink

Interviews at RedBlink are, in a single word, tough.


We expect an interviewee to :

  • Be fluent in skills that they have listed on their resume.
  • Be fluent in English
  • Understand how the internet works

Our interviews have five phases.

  1. Verbal questions and answers: You will be asked questions about your technical skills.
  2. Problem solving verbal: You will be asked to solve multiple problems.
  3. Practical exam to test technical knowledge and problem solving skills: You will be asked to code your solutions to the problems that were asked in the last round, or a new problem.
  4. Final round: You will get to talk to more seniors who will further evaluate your technical skills and see if you fit in the team.
  5. Human resources round: HR will talk to you about the position, offer and will also evaluate how you fit in with the goals of the company.

In general our interviews are very practical. Question can be tough, but people you will speak to will be nice. All in all, don’t worry, put you best foot forward and you will do just fine.

Good luck!

RedBlink is hiring experienced and fresher PHP engineers

If you are proud of your PHP skills and feel that Jooma, Drupal, CodeIgnter, Kohana are your best friends, come join us. We are looking for intelligent PHP engineers who want to accelerate their carrers and work with most intelligent they will meet.

Do you eat, sleep and dream java? Then you are with the right people.
RedBlink prides itself with being different. When you work at RedBlink, you don’t work with the technologies that were prevalent many years ago, you will work with the most cutting edge java. RedBlink caters to large and small companies that value proper engineering procedure, well tested code. Since the quality of our deliverables have to be high, we set the bar high for our engineers. If you think you have what it takes to work at RedBlink, look no further. Click on Job Application and send us your resumes.


  • Excellent knowledge of Java
  • Must know databases/JDBC really well
  • Must understad the multi threading concepts
  • Team Player – Very important
  • Must be able to speak and write English
  • Must know how the web works. Someone will ask this question, for sure.

Want to join an elite team of Java devs? Fill out the Job Application.

RedBlink offers a special program for Java Freshers. We teach our fresher to be world class engineers.
Our freshers start out with raw material (freshers themselves) of intelligent, independent, thrill seeking individuals. We teach them how to use their intelligence to solve problems, how to use their indepdence to seek out solutions, how to use vast skill set of the their seniors to help them move through the tought problems, and how to use thei independence to tackle the hardest of the problems.
If you are upto the challenge, submit your resume and apply for a position as a java fresher. Job Application

ROR Jobs

.NET Jobs

Project Manager Jobs

Do you take an organized approach to everything you do? Do you feel that everything out there is chaos, but you can fix it? Do you have the urge to organize stuff when you feel there is a gap?

RedBlink is looking for project manager with excellent communication skills and urge to do things right. Our project manager directly deal with overseas clients and are the bridge between clients and developers.

Experienced PM Requirements

  • Excellent communication – This cannot be stressed enough for the project manager role.
  • Excellent English
  • Very Organized
  • Must know how to use MS Office suite
  • Experience with task management/ project management tools

Fresher Project Manager / Trainee

We have a fresher project manager program that comes with our world class training. All you need is the raw skills that make a great project manager.

Skills Required:

  • Responsible
  • Timely
  • Excellent communicator
  • Excellent English
  • Able to understand requirements easily

Do you have what it takes? Quickly fill out our Job Application and get the ball rolling!

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