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AWS - Amazon EC2 Instance types Comparison 2021-05-27

9915AWS EC2 Instance Types – Compute Optimized EC2 Instance

Amazon Ec2 Instance Types Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides secure, resizable virtual space in the cloud.  It aims to develop better web-scale cloud computing keeping the requirements of the developers in mind.  Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute EC2 is a robust web service interface. It lets you run on …


9779How To Setup EC2 Instance in AWS – Amazon EC2 Security

To access AWS Cloud services, Amazon has provided a simple, scalable, fully managed Elastic Cloud EC2 Instances types. These instances provide complete support to work with advanced applications and tools. Whatever instance type you make use of, a common data source for workloads allows using multiple instances from more than one server. It is vital …

No Code & Low Code Development Trends 2021 2021-02-05

8861No Code / Low Code Development Platform Trends in 2021

No Code Low Code Development Trends 2021 Now a days, data suggests low-code/no-code tools are actually opening doors for such non-developers. 60% to 70% of companies said non-developers in their company already build tools for internal business use, and nearly 70% – 80% predict to see more of this trend in 2021. There is a …

Best Nocode Development Platforms & Tools List 2021 2020-12-18

777620 Best Nocode Development Platforms & Tools List 2021

In the millennium age where the demand for software is exponentially exceeding the coding supply available, no code development is emerging as a new coding technique in organizations. Here in this post we have covered a curated list of top no-code tools and development platforms.  These are the popular no code platforms & tools that …

Roadmap For Android Mobile App Development 2020-09-11

4484Android Mobile App Development Roadmap 2020

Android Mobile App Development Roadmap Mobile apps are facing a slow down like other businesses. But at the same time, they have become our handy devices to provide 24/7 connectivity. No matter what you do in your daily routine and where you are placed geographically, mobile apps are always associated with your chores.  Although coronavirus …

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