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One-Stop Hassle-Free Travel Solution At Your Doorsteps!

Health at risk? Outbreak nearby? CAP Travel Assistance knows what to do. Call their hotline to be instantly connected.


Android and IOS Application




Android Studio, Google map, Kotlin and Geofencing to track location


California, USA


CAP Advantage is a location-based services (LBS) application, available for Android and Apple smartphones, which was originally designed for the traveler. As a travel risk management tool, the CAP Advantage application is used to support corporate duty of care and provide business and leisure travelers with vital insights into health, safety and security risks. and security based on destination, with the ability to request medical and security assistance with the touch of a button.

In response to the recent and ongoing global pandemic of COVID-19, FocusPoint is able to deploy the CAP Advantage application as a comprehensive communications tool with the added benefits of active monitoring, alerts, response technology , And much more.

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Main Objective

  • The safety check-in button gives you peace of mind knowing that if an emergency arises, our staff will be there to help you get back home safely. The user-defined tracking feature allows users to customize their own trip with different modes of transportation, such as car rentals or taxis.
  • The Safety Check-In Button is a new feature that allows you to quickly and easily notify friends and family of your travel location. This is especially useful for parents, grandparents or other caregivers who will be picking up their children from the bus stop or babysitting their grandchildren.
  • User-Defined Tracking feature, you can create an itinerary that’s uniquely yours. You can send it to anyone in your address book or share it with friends on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter.
  • Location-Based Mapping Interface

The Challenge

  • Besides on-demand access to concierge services (for non-emergencies), the CAP Advantage App needs a one-touch ‘ASSIST’ button that immediately connects customers to the Crisis Response Center for 24/7 emergency assistance.
  • Once engaged through the Crisis Response Center experienced medical and security teams are able to provide expert advice, and if necessary, deploy a specialized crisis response team to a customer’s precise location (with pinpoint accuracy).
  • Using the CAP Advantage App, CAP customers can readily access country and city risk reports for up-to-the-minute intel on security threats, health advisories, weather conditions, cultural concerns, political issues, and more.
  • Development tools – Android Studio, Google map, Foreground and background location access, and Geofencing to track location
  • Language – kotlin


  • The CAP Advantage app leverages smartphone GPS technology to help determine the proximity of nearby threats to a customer’s current location, among other things.
  • We regularly organize management committees and steering committees between our two teams. In addition, we communicate every week together via Teams, telephone and email!
  • We carry out developments in sprints (1, 2, or 4 weeks depending on the needs)! In order to avoid the tunnel effect, during the development phase, we regularly deliver the Test application to you via a dedicated acceptance environment.
  • With each delivery, we accompany the version with a RELEASE NOTE (a document that describes the new features of the current version, and which makes it possible to clearly identify what must be tested). An e-mail is sent with each delivery to notify the modifications.
  • We have also carried out App Store Optimization for this app to make it search engine friendly and more visible to users.
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