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One-Stop Hassle-Free Travel Solution At Your Doorsteps!

Health at risk? Outbreak nearby? CAP Travel Assistance knows what to do. Call their hotline to be instantly connected.


Responsive Website
Admin and User Dashboard
Android and IOS Application




PHP, ReactJS, Dot Net, Android and Swift


California, USA


Looking for a Travel plan that is cost-effective and matches your personal, business, and family travel requirements. CAP is built to provide the perfect travel plan. You can save on travel planning expenses. CAP team has created this service to connect tourists and hosts intelligently. To produce a first version allowing the CAP Travel Assistance team to validate its concept, Imagine accompanied it in the development of its digital tool and its web strategy.


Gathering Information

This young company has set up numerous partnerships with institutional tourism players. They lacked web expertise, particularly in terms of user experience, to answer questions such as:

  • complex requirements, Time Constraints, and Managing a team of 15-20 people. Continuous change in requirements even after the signoff of backlog.
  • what steps should be put in place to reassure the end customer (in this case the Japanese tourist) and allow him to pay online with peace of mind?
  • how to allow simplified management and a follow-up of the exchanges between tourists and hosts on the side of the administrators?

The Challenge

From a functional point of view, the objective is to create a tool allowing tourists to choose hosts considering different parameters. The challenge is to develop the project in phases catering to the varied requirements. To produce a cost-effective plan, we proposed the first version (V1) of the tool be a responsive web application. It will always be possible afterward to think and develop native applications (Travel Risk and Intelligence Platform) for iOS and Android. In addition, we will be able to learn from this V1 to get to know the different users better.

Our Solution

Supporting start-ups is an opportunity for us to show the full extent of our know-how in terms of design and development. We also did the discovery Phase, Proper task tracking, and weekly demos to the client.

We know that producing code without asking the question of relevance wastes time and money. Something startupers can’t afford. It is therefore essential to first submit to a critical exercise of the previously imagined functionalities. For the good of the project. For the good of our client. And ultimately for the good of Imagine.


Prototyping, analysis and testing

For the creation of the logo and the StyleTiles, we called on our best designer. This graphic designer and artistic director also produced the graphic identity for the paper brochures.

We have created a StyleGuide from the StyleTiles in order to allow you to view in a single place everything you need to know (and in particular for integrators) about the project and to consult the behavior of all the elements on different media at various screen widths.


Perfect use of Designing Expertise

Our experienced designing skills are used in developing the style guides from ng style titles for the perfect placement. The use of ReactJs, Dot Net, and PHP made a significant difference in achieving the best outcome.

Recent Work

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