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A Spectacular Music Locker Service!

Tune to Media leap’s hi- fi music app for listening Hi- Fi Music at the affordable cost

Media Leap App provides cloud based music locker service developed to run on web and mobile(Android/iOS) platforms.

Music locker Service with 1TB free space


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Media Leap – Personal Cloud Music Locker & Streaming App is designed to meet the demand of audiophiles for online/ offline music listening. The app is a one-time affordable solution to store your favorite tracks on the cloud. The app supports web and mobile (Android/iOS)platforms. You can create playlists by uploading the song files. 1TB free space is offered to users to store their favorite music. The app can store various file formats like MP3, OGG, and FLAC. Considering UIUX features, the app has an effective design that can load easily on browsers.


Gathering Information

Media leap app is a bliss for the audiophiles.It is specially designed to stoe favorite music files on the cloud. The app allows you to listen to hi-fi music. You can store FLAC, MP3. , OGG music files with 1TB free storage space. The user can create playlists to make its personal collection. You can free your device space by storing your music files on the cloud.

The Challenge

The major challenge was to address the needs of audiophiles who like to listen to a selected type of music at high- resolution. Also, supporting different file formats and the diversified needs of users was a challenge. There are leading music streaming apps like Spotify, Youtube, Amazon Music and so many others allowing you to stream and launch music. We aimed to build a user-centric app. that can cater to the need for a Hi-Fi music locker.

Our Solution

Media Leap takes a big leap in cloud music player streaming. The developers created a great UX interface supporting Android and iOS platforms. Initially launching the same app on both the platforms was a challenge. But the launch of Google PlayStore and Apple Store surpassed the expectations. The other challenge was providing the support of music files like FLAC, MP3, and OGG on a single platform.

Today, there is a huge fan following of the app. There are many new features which will be added in the future. The app aims to become the first choice of audiophiles allowing them to store their music files in music lockers.


Prototyping, analysis and testing

The pp was launched in December 2020 keeping the interests of the audiophiles in mind. The initial phase allows you to store files and create playlists . The biggest advantage offered by the app is the storage of various music file formats, especially storing FLAC music.

Many more new features like other music streaming apps that can lure artists are yet to be added. The best feature is the free storage (1TB) for all the users. For more storage , there are pocket- friendly options. In the coming times, media leap is sure to create another leap for the audiophiles by offering a music streaming platform.


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