15+ Best AI Marketing Tools To Use in 2022

Humaaans is an online platform where people can get free access to beautiful mix-&-match illustrations of people.

1. Humaaans

Website URL: https://www.humaaans.com

Whatruns is an advanced browser extension that detects even the latest web technologies and plugins the website use.

2. Whatruns.com

Website URL: https://www.whatruns.com/

It is a free online tool that helps to create layer-based digital images of products without using any complex graphic design program.

3. Mockup Generator

Website URL: https://theapplaunchpad.com/mockup-generator/

AutoDraw is a program that uses a combination of Machine Learning and artistic talent to create beautiful pieces of art.

4. AutoDraw

Website URL: https://www.autodraw.com/

It is a special tool that makes the creation of profile photos fun, quick, and easy for any purpose – personal and business accounts.

5. PFPMaker

Website URL: https://pfpmaker.com/

Krisp’s stand-alone AI-driven noise-canceling app makes it possible to have more effective video and voice calls online.

6. Krisp.ai

Website:  https://krisp.ai/

Beautiful.AI is AI-powered presentation software that allows users to create beautiful presentations remotely using smart templates, with minimal effort.

7. Beautiful.AI

Website:  https://www.beautiful.ai/

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