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We believe that every great idea deserves a chance to shine, and we’re here to help make that happen. Our Figma prototype designers go beyond just creating clickable designs. We design user-centric, extensively researched, and meticulously validated prototypes that bring your project to life with a realistic approach.

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From ideation to creation: Leverage the benefits of our App prototyping services to optimize product development, minimize risks, and enhance collaboration.

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Our Latest Projects


This client was struggling to convey his ideas to his team and investors. He tried to explain his vision through sketches and diagrams, but it was difficult to accurately capture the concepts. RedBlink’s prototypes helped him to create realistic, 3D prototypes of the Eczema Tracker medical app, and it was much easier to get buy-in from the team and investors. The prototypes also helped us identify potential flaws and make adjustments before investing in the final product.

Grocery Delivery

With the help of Prototype services from RedBlink, client was able to identify the key features and functionality needed to make the app stand out in a crowded marketplace. A clickable prototype of an online grocery shopping app allowed them to test and refine the ideas in real-time.

Media Leap

RedBlink’s prototype service has helped Media Leap Application to integrate cutting-edge audio technologies into our mobile app, resulting in an unparalleled listening experience for its users. Users are raving about the superior sound quality and the ability to stream and sync their music across multiple devices. This app is now a top contender in the crowded music app market.


Managing tasks and tracking progress in the convenience store was a nightmare for the client. The client was constantly struggling to keep up with employee tasks and ensure that everything was running smoothly. However, the prototype created by RedBlink made it easy to assign tasks, track progress in real-time. The ability to upload proof of work also made it easy to verify that tasks were completed correctly. Client is thrilled with the results of the prototype services to streamline the business operations.”

Our Latest Projects


The automatic dialer app prototype has made it easy for clients to efficiently reach out to potential/target audiences. The client was excited to see the final product and looks forward to implementing it in future business expansion.
By testing the prototype with agents, the client was able to gather feedback and make necessary adjustments, ultimately resulting in a more successful and user-friendly final product.

Our Mobile App
Prototyping Service

Figma is the perfect solution for anyone looking to turn their app ideas into a reality. Our team of app prototype designers uses Figma to create interactive and clickable prototypes, with app UI and UX design at the forefront of our process. We offer app prototyping services and website prototype design services, including clickable and responsive website prototypes. With advanced prototyping capabilities, our app prototype designers can also create wireframe prototypes, product prototypes, and app mockups that will bring your project to life.

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As a startup founder, I knew that a good web app prototype was essential to attract investors and get user feedback. Thanks to RedBlink, we were able to create an interactive prototype that showcased our product’s features and functionalities. Not only did this help us secure funding, but it also allowed us to make important design decisions before launching. Our users love our web app, and we have RedBlink to thank for that.

Michael Smith

The prototype that we got from RedBlink helped us identify and fix usability issues before launching our mobile app. It allowed us to put ourselves in our user’s shoes and create a better user experience. Thanks to the prototype, we were able to build an app that was intuitive and easy to use, and this led to higher user engagement and retention rates.

Robert Hernandez

Before we got the prototype for our mobile app, we had a lot of internal debates about the app’s design and functionality. Thanks to RedBlink, we were able to visualize our ideas and get everyone on the same page. This helped us streamline the development process and launch our app faster. We also received positive feedback from our users, who found the app easy to navigate and use.

Sandie Angulo

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