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Pioneer in delivering the best online platform for Dermatologists

An online knowledge-sharing platform for getting the training and enhancing skills in the field of Dermatology


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California, USA


LearnSkin – Online Dermatology Courses & CME Training Providers continuing education activities with an integrative approach. The website provides unique content for healthcare professionals in both Western and Eastern medicine across multiple specialties and subspecialties. The courses are designed to cater to the needs of medical professionals from basic to advanced level CME course series, podcasts, webinars, and workshops. The leading experts take active participation in Dermatology Symposium to share knowledge.


Gathering Information

The website provides an opportunity to join a group of more than 10000 to elevate your dermatological acumen with expert-led instruction for every level of patient care. The professionals can be a part of the online symposium by meeting the experts. The website is providing online training to give practical tips to do better patient care.

The Challenge

The website is developed using React to deliver services such as training programs, podcasts, webinars, quizzes, and annual events However conducting the SEO activities became a challenge as React is not compatible from an SEO perspective.

Our Solution

We have optimized the meta title and did the internal linking of blog posts which helped in the SEO optimization of the website. Still, there are a few challenges in UI . Despite that, the website is ranking on the few keywords and running successfully.


Prototyping, analysis and testing

To manage the day to day activities and to develop an advanced level interface, we have chosen the following tools:

React JS – To build a robust and scalable website.

CMS- The multilingual content management activities are managed using NodeJS

Backend – To manage the backend activities, we have used NodeJS

Infrastructure- AWS Lambda is used to easily manage code updation.


Using Advanced Technologies to achieve Level of Excellence

The website is optimized using advanced technologies to develop a functional and enriched UI /UX experience. Add the same time updating the backend powered by NodeJS

Recent Work

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