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Use 383 Media to Monitor your Software Apps

Now keep track of your software business with the right measurement tools from 383 Media

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383 Media allows businesses to create a marketing strategy for their own online store with all the features of selling and promoting products online. A Global marketing platform for businesses facilitates the creation but also the management and security of online stores: users can set up different elements on the pages of their sites, integrate new products, manage stocks…


About 383 Media:

Now discover hidden opportunities for software apps by tracking download rates, registration rates, installs by operating system. 383 Media helps users to avoid losing revenue by learning important metrics for your software.

This type of tool generally also has features to boost sales such as sending newsletters or managing promotions. Browse our list of global marketing and e-commerce solutions for software publishers that will meet your needs to manage your businesses. 

List of 383 Media Saas Products :

DRIVER WHIZ is ​​system maintenance software, designed to help users update or install drivers for display adapters, keyboards, processors, printers, USB ports, and other computer hardware components. This tool is compatible with all machines running Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP and is able to find corrupt, outdated, or missing drivers in a single scan.

The drivers come from the manufacturer of the hardware component, such as Intel or Nvidia, for example. These drivers usually consist of major fixes and improvements in compatibility, stability, and other aspects, so it’s always best to keep them updated. However, it is quite difficult to find driver updates with so many hardware components – so you need to know the exact manufacturer, model, currently installed driver and other details.

Everyone has different needs, but regardless, this different software has a great chance of serving you one day on Windows 10 and Windows 11. AbeApps, present the “essentials” to browse the web, work or communicate as comfortably as possible with your PC.

For certain uses, AbeApps offer several different programs: generally, a single browser and a single software to manage your emails are sufficient. However, when there are several relatively interesting alternatives, AbeApps present them to you so that you can choose according to your preferences.

WP Hacked Help specializes in WordPress security, hack cleanup, and malware removal. Their WordPress security experts can get a hacked WordPress site-resolved within 36 hours. They also ensure that the hack is fully cleared and that no further issues remain. 

WPHH- WordPress-Security-Scan

WP Hacked Help has a team with many years of WordPress experience in website security and malware cleanup techniques. It has the best WordPress cleanup service. As we know hackers often leave back doors that most WordPress malware removal services cannot clean up effectively. 

WP Hacked Help takes advantage of their experience and Removes malware from infected files and they carefully analyze all files to make sure that every issue on your WordPress website is fixed. It has 20k plus WordPress sites scanned and 8k plus cleaned up by identifying the problem.

DriverPlex is software developed to analyze, update and repair all the drivers of our PC so that our equipment and its various components and accessories can work without problems. In addition, it allows us to fix both errors and possible vulnerabilities, as well as make backup copies and restore current drivers.

With this program, we will be able to install drivers from more than 1300 well-known brands such as AMD, ASUS, ATI, Canon, Dell, HP, Intel, and Microsoft, among others. It will be enough with a simple click to find the drivers necessary for the operation of our printer, keyboard, router, camera, etc., helping to optimize its performance, always having the latest version available.

Driver Restore is a driver update service that performs advanced scanning of your computer for outdated drivers. Driver Restore will keep all drivers up to date and resolve any issues. The application can notify corrupted and missing drivers. It can also pre-download the drivers so you can install them later.

Driver Restore

Driver Restore is a good driver update tool that supports automatic updates of the latest downloads. The software can also update Windows components such as DirectX, C++ Runtime, Open GL, Java, Oracle, etc. 

The tool has a drivers database including Bluetooth drivers, Lexmark Printer Drivers, Nvidia graphic drivers, HP Printer Drivers Windows 10, Canon drivers, Acer Drivers, and Epson Printer drivers, AMD Graphics Driver, Lenovo Drivers, Dell Drivers, Asus drivers,  Xbox 360 Controller Drivers & many more. The tool supports unlimited driver downloads per day. It also supports automated driver downloads, multiple driver downloads, signed driver updates, regular checks, and instant updates. This is the reason it has achieved over 1 Million downloads.

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