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Eczema Management And Triggers Detection Made Easier!

A simple and informative app that helps you view, track, and analyze your eczema, food allergy, and other triggers information, like no other app.


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California, USA


Eczema Tracker is a simple and informative app that helps you view, track, and analyze your eczema, food allergy, and other triggers information, like no other app. The eczema app provides your local pollen, mold, weather, humidity information to help you. The app lets you look at your condition from all perspectives and analyze your data to help you pinpoint the factors that aggravate your eczema!


Gathering Information

A successful app is developed to track Eczema. With the help of this app, you can find the missing vitamins in your body, its solution, or a supplement that you can take. Eczema Tracker gives you information based on your particular situation. You can use Eczema Wizard to get the advice and information that helps you manage your eczema symptoms.

The Challenge

While building the app, We faced challenges in gathering the information and developing an AI schema to develop a pattern. This pattern will help you find the solution for your eczema. In the mid of the development cycle, the app crashes occurred due to force unwrapping. Fixing the iOS version issues for various pods and language updates was a challenge for the development team.

Our Solution

To develop the algo, the team researched and tried different options The QA team helped in analyzing and deciding upon the best possible outcome. The ultimate goal of building an app free from version issues and other challenges kept us motivated. Eczema Tracker includes analysis points and tools that help manage records.


Prototyping, analysis and testing

The need of the people suffering from eczema was studied to help them provide the remedies. The information-gathering analysis of the user data was done during the initial phase For the development purpose, we have focused to provide the solution for the Instant and Easy to Read Graphs

  • Allows you to track daily information visually in the form of graphical data.
  • Provides complete management
  • Maintain Proper Record with Pictures following
  • The app is developed for the iOS platform

Simple, Intuitive, And Easy To Use App!

Eczema management and triggers detection are made easier by adding a UI/UX-enriched experience with smooth functionality!

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