Productivity is always the outcome of a commitment to strategic planning, dependable efforts, and logical planning. Of late, businesses around the world have witnessed an upsurge in productivity and collaboration.

The key reason behind this is easy access to Productivity Tools for Sales & Marketing Professionals . With the help of these tools, it is easier for the teams to handle their tasks efficiently.

Best Marketing Tools to Increase Your Productivity in 2024

Let us don’t waste any more time and discuss the best marketing tools and resources to increase productivity.

Best Digital Tools to Improve Marketing Productivity

1- Wispform

Wispform Tool to Improve Marketing Productivity

Using this tool, creating unlimited forms, surveys, and quizzes is a child’s play. The best thing about this tool is that it is absolutely free. Like any other tool, there are certain limitations, but they are not too many compared to other niche tools. 

Salient features –

  • You can explore your creative side using customized background colors or images and create catchy forms.
  • You can upload images and logos, thus offering users a chance to engage themselves with your brand while completing their form.
  • Using Zapier integration, you have the provision to integrate Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and over a thousand third-party apps.
  • You can export results in different formats such as – Xlsx, PDF, and CSV.
  • Since the tool is embedded and optimized for engagement, it offers a rewarding experience to the users.

2- SwipeBox

SwipeBox digital marketing tool to boost productivity














If you have always wanted a tool using which you can swipe whole websites to PDF, then SwipeBox is the tool that helps you do that. There is a limitation of only five swipes in a month. You can store all your swipes in your personal library. The best thing about this tool is that you can access the original page even if they are offline.

Salient features –

  • Turning web pages into PDF using SwipeBox is easy, and you get to save time as well. You just have to paste the URL in the tool, and it will convert and store it in your library.
  • With this tool, you can easily access your personal library. The only requirement is that you should have access to the internet.
  • It is certainly an annoying situation when a webpage you have saved goes offline. With SwipeBox, you don’t need to worry about such a situation anymore as the tool tends to save the live version of the webpage as a PDF.
  • The tool offers retina support for user interface icons.
  • There is keyboard navigation for the desktop.
  • Using SwipeBox, making CSS customization is as easy as pie.

3- SnapWidget

snapwidget social tool to boost productivity

This tool helps you display Instagram and various other social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter on your website.

4 – Boomla

Marketing Tools To Improve Your Productivity

Are you looking to create a free website? Boomla will help you in having your website.

Salient features –

  • All templates of Boomla are responsive.
  • Using a simple drag and drop feature, you can easily upload files and move around elements.
  • Its hierarchical components allow you to generate sophisticated results.
  • With the on-page editor, you can easily make changes on the page itself.
  • Automatic image resizing feature resizes the images automatically. It helps in faster browsing


marketing tools to boost your productivity

Using this tool, you can alert your subscribers. You can go one step ahead of all the contemporary channels of customer communication. The tool is easy to use and effective.

Salient features –

  • You get to schedule your push notifications in advance.
  • Get the notifications delivered by the time zones of the subscribers.
  • Push notifications can be viewed even if the user is on your site or not.
  • Promote your brand using the best imagery and custom action buttons to make your notifications stand out.
  • Push notifications have the support for all key browsers and gadgets.

6- Brizy.Cloud

Brizy Cloud is a popular hosting platform that bridges you with your clients, collects leads, and closes deals. The best thing about this tool is that it offers unlimited space and a plethora of publishing options.

Salient features –

  • The tool helps you to collaborate with your team and clients efficiently.
  • You have easy access to performance tracking and live analytics data.
  • You get to raise the odds of conversions with funnels.
  • The tools offer free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

7- Carrd

Whether you want to build a landing page or a personal profile, Carrd is one of the best landing page builders. It is simple, responsive, and totally free.  

Salient features –

  • You have the convenience of publishing sites to several custom domains owned by you with SSL support.
  • With a single Carrd account, you have the provision to publish more than three sites.
  • Provision of using third-party services such as PayPal to embed your custom code.
  • You can also add an optional Google Analytics tracking ID that helps you keep a track and give you details of the traffic.

8- Huginn

It is a widely used open-source workflow-automation tool. The tool can be used for various uses; for instance – you can use it to monitor Twitter to process data and validation. 

Salient features –

  • Using the tool, you can easily keep track of the weather conditions and email yourself will it rain or snow tomorrow.
  • With this tool’s help, you can list the terms that you are interested in and email whenever there is a discussion about it on Twitter or a social platform of your choice.
  • You can keep an eye on the air travel and the best shopping deals.
  • Scrape websites and receive an email whenever there is a change.
  • Send emails with the things your favorite topics at a particular time set by you.
  • Send and receive WebHooks

9- Excalidraw

Enjoy sketching diagrams with a hand-drawn feel using this whiteboard tool. It is an open-source hub having more than 10,000 GitHub stars and 779 GitHub forks.

Salient features –

  • It is an excellent Whiteboard tool. 
  • Using the tool, you can easily sketch diagrams. 

10- Diagrams

It is open-source software that has everything that professional diagramming software should have.

Salient features –

  • You don’t have to worry about the licenses and platforms; you can share it with anyone. 
  • It is a feature-rich tool. 
  • With open source code, you get the flexibility of storing your data anywhere. 
  • Chrome extensions

11- ColorZilla

Essential Marketing Productivity tool

It is a dream tool for all graphic designers and web developers out there. Using this tool, you can manage color-related tasks, both basic and advanced, easily. Using the tool, you have the provision to zoom the webpage and measure the distances between two points on the page.

Salient features –

  • With Eyedropper, you can have the color of any pixel. 
  • With Webpage Color Analyzer, you can analyze DOB element colors on the webpage. 
  • You have a colorful history of the colors you have recently chosen. 
  • Numerous keyboard shortcuts help in quick sampling the page. 
  • With Advanced Color Picker, you have a variety of colors to choose from. 

12- Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Screenshot smart tool for productivity

It is a popular and smart tool for productivity. This tool helps you to scroll and take screenshots. Adding emails, page screenshots, ads to your swipe file will be as easy as ABC.

Salient features –

  • It can be used on varied platforms. 
  • You can capture the screenshots. 
  • You can record the videos and screencasts. 
  • You can edit and share the screenshots. 
  • It is certified for education. 

13 – Wappalyzer

It is a cross-platform utility that reveals the technology used on a particular website. The tool is capable of detecting analytical tools, CMSs, web frameworks, etc.

Salient features –

  • Display technologies used by both the server and the client.
  • Automatic processing.
  • Display the surety percentage in the results. 
  • Show the names of CMSs and frameworks used in the results. 


This AI-powered chatbot captures unlimited for your website. The tool works around the clock to schedule appointments and accept payments.

Salient features-

  • This tool captures the leads 24/7 via conversational flow.
  • You can connect this tool to your Google Calendar. It will provide appointment slots to your users, making it easier to schedule an appointment. 
  • The tool can accept the payment on your behalf. You have to connect a payment processor and offer some necessary details, and the rest is handled by the tool. 

SEO Tools to boost your productivity

15- Website Grader

With the help of this tool, you get to know where your website ranks on the internet. You have to enter the URL and keywords to see the website’s page rank in Google.

Salient features –

  • The tool measures the efficacy of a website. Based on the evaluation, it offers an inbound marketing score.
  • The tool helps you in understanding all the things they can do to optimize their site.

16- Browseo

It is one of the widely used SEO tools that allow you to see the webpages in the same manner that a search engine does. You will be able to see all the pages relevant from an SEO point of view without any distractions from CSS, making it easier to detect them. 

Salient features –

  • With this tool, all you need is one click to log in to multiple accounts.
  • On Facebook, you can make the most of this tool to dominate any niche with the best available content.
  • With this tool’s help, you can easily drive traffic and acquire a significant amount of backlinks. 
  • Joining a relevant conversation at any point in time is feasible with this tool.

17- Instakeywords

It is a keyword finding tool. The best thing about the tool is that it offers keyword suggestions and provides data like total searches in a month, its competition, and various other important elements.

Salient features –

  • Export all keywords with a single click on the mouse.  
  •  No graphics or advertisements.
  •  Help you find long tail keywords. 
  • The tool gives you in-depth information about the search results and existent competition.

18- Ubersuggest

With this tool’s help, you can make yourself acquainted with your competitors’ strategies. Once you are aware of these strategies, you can adopt them and excel.

Salient features –

  • You can have the report of top SEO pages. Based on the report, you will know which of your competitor’s pages are ranking. Besides, you will know which keywords and phrases are used and which ones are preferred by social media platforms. 
  • The tool suggests hundreds of options for head terms to long-tail phrases.  
  • When you know what to write about, it helps you get more backlinks and social shares. 
  • You get to be familiar with the content people are linking to. Based on the information, you can contact 1-these sites asking them to link to you. 

19- 5minutesite

This tool takes care of all your website creating needs and hosts it for you as well. You have the flexibility of adding, updating and removing content.  

Salient features –

  • This tool gives you the freedom to edit your site from anywhere in the world. 
  • Create or update your catalog with the help of the tool’s advanced features such as multiple pricing levels, timed display, and various others. 
  • You can keep your email address private. 
  • You can embed your location’s longitude and latitude, making it easier for the search engines to locate you. 

20- Ahrefs

ahrefs seo tool & resources to improve your productivity

It is a popular SEO software that offers some of the best competitor analysis tools, keywords suggestions, link building, etc.

Salient features –

  • The best thing about this tool is that it conducts keyword research of more than ten search engines. 
  • Using the tool, you will get the total search traffic estimate. 
  • You can analyze the growth and decline of the backlinks. 
  • Displays keyword click distributions. 
  • You have the provision for monitoring outbound links and evaluating internal backlinks. 

21- Small SEO tools

Small SEO tools offer users, administrators, and SEO professionals various efficient tools for creating a website, content development, checking plagiarism, logo making, etc.

Salient features –

  • It offers an online plagiarism checker. You have to copy-paste your content in the tool; it will match the content with millions of websites and offer you accurate results. 
  • Using this tool, you can also make inbound links. 
  • Conduct in-depth keyword research using SmallSEOtools.  
  • You can copy-paste any content in the tool to check for the grammar errors. 

22- Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog tool to boost your productivity

Using this tool, you can significantly improve your onsite SEO. It conducts technical audits to support your SEO strategies.

Salient features –

  • Audit redirections 
  • Generate sitemap.xml. 
  • Identify duplicate content.
  • *Scrutinize meta descriptions and titles. 

23- Check my links

It is one of the sought-after on-page SEO tools. Using the tool, you will be aware of the incoming and outgoing links of a URL. It also looks for the broken links.

Salient features –

  • Completely free. 
  • Checks redirects on the page. 
  • Check if there are 404 errors. 
  • Checks the entire page in less than ten seconds. 

24- Ranksense

Ranksense SEO tool to improve your productivity

If you have this SEO tool, you can easily implement any change without a developer’s need. The tool keeps an eye on the site, detects errors, and offers recommendations.

Salient features –

  • The tool can implement any change on any platform or CMS.
  • It rectifies the errors quickly. 
  • Using NLG (Natural Language Generation), it can create titles and meta descriptions. 
  • It comes with class and smart mode. 

25- Moz Pro   

Using this tool, you can monitor your website, social media, links to the page, brand awareness, content marketing, and campaigns.

Salient features –

  • You can track rankings with this tool. 
  • It crawls and audits your site. 
  • Optimize your pages. 
  • Find link opportunities. 
  • Create custom reports. 

26- WordTrackers

 Using the right keyword is an important strategy in SEO. The tool tracks more than 100 million keywords. You need to add a keyword, and the tool will suggest over 1000 keywords you can use.

Salient features –

  • Help find new keywords for your business. 
  • The tool makes you aware of the top keywords for any company and search engine.    
  • Makes you aware of the keywords used by your competitors. 
  • Discover trending keywords for any niche. 

27- Asana

This tool helps the team to stay focused on the tasks assigned to them. You can store and retrieve the task details at any point of time.

Salient features –

  • You can add rules to automate manual processes. 
  • You can create custom fields. 
  • Create status updates. 
  • Assign start dates to any task. 

28- Cloudvote

Using this tool, you can create interactive Powerpoint presentations that help in improving productivity.

Salient features –

  • Uploading and storing your content is simple. 
  • Private and encrypted. 
  • FIPS, DoD, and ISO compliant. 
  • Share slides to any device. 
  • Email Marketing

29- Starterstory

If you are looking to start your own business, Starterstory may be the tool you need. They publish the stories of successful entrepreneurs and businessmen. These businessmen provide key insights on how to be a successful businessman, things that people should follow so that it is easier for them to get started.

Salient features –

  • The tool is helpful for all the newbies who are planning to start their venture. 
  • You get an insight into what needs to be done. 
  • You also get familiar with the resources and funds you need to start your own business. 


If you are looking for a tool that helps you hunt for the clients and close the deal at lightning speed, you need to have it. It is a perfect automated tool for sales.

Salient features –

  • With an unlimited bulk email finder, you have the benefit of finding as many leads you want. 
  • Using the tool, you can also search for the leads with the company’s name. 
  • If you want to gain an insight about who owns a particular website, then website leads are a great way to do that. 

31- Just-sign

You can use this tool to make a professional custom email signature. Create a signature and copy-paste to your email account; it is that simple.

Salient features –

  • Have a custom signature for professional use.
  • Saves your time and effort. 

32- Sender

Sender is one of the popular email marketing tools. Using the tool, you can make engaging newsletters.

Salient features –

  • The tool ensures deliverability. 
  • Subscriptions forms help you grow your audience. 
  • Completely free. 
  • Mobile responsive templates. 

33- Sendinblue

Besides being one of the best email marketing tools, it also has additional relationship management tools. It offers more than 50 design templates that help you make a great-looking email.

Salient features –

  • Phone and email customer support. 
  • Brilliant deliverability. 
  • Endless contacts.
  • Customizable sign-up forms. 

34- Omnisend

One of the key highlights of Omnisend is that it merges all your communications in one place.

Salient features –

  • It has a drag and drop layout. 
  • You can pull in any type of content. 
  • It offers native integration. 
  • The tool offers embeddable static forms. 

35- Sendpulse

It is a popular all-in-one email and messenger marketing tool. Reach out to your users through numerous channels such as – SMS, Viber, etc.

Salient features –

  • Drag and drop editor helps create responsive emails.
  • User-friendly. 
  • User interface is neat. 
  • Web push notifications. 

Best Designing Tools to Improve Your Productivity


It is one of the best interactive apps that help you create prototypes without coding. It is a must-have for all UI/UX designers considering the designers are allowed to scroll containers. Its compatibility with other software adds to its popularity.

Salient features –

  • The app is app-in internet-based.
  • Interactive comments. 
  • Realistic and shareable prototypes. 

37- Dewo

Dewo is a tool that eliminates distractions and increases your focus on the work. It eventually helps you put forward your best work.

Salient features –

  • Blocks notifications automatically. 
  • Reschedule meetings, saving everybody’s precious time. 
  • Understand how to be productive at work. 

38- Forest

With the help of this app, you can focus on the things that matter. Whenever you want to stay focused, log in to the app, and plant a tree. As long as you focus on your work, the tree will continue to flourish, but the tree will die if you leave the app in between.

Salient features –

  • It has a graph that tracks your progress throughout the week. 
  • Helps you stay focused on the things that matter. 
  • While you focus on your work, you can also listen to various sounds such as – rainforest sound. You can listen to other apps as well. 

39- Mason

If your task involves jumping from one app to another and has to use various design resources, Mason will help you save your precious time.

Salient features –

  • It is helpful for the designers as they can make instant changes to their frontend experiences. 
  • The tool supports a visually attractive interface, making it easier for the team members to design visually. 
  • The tool helps create, manage, and centralize the product design, thus finishing the tasks quickly and efficiently. 

40- Basecamp

Basecamp is a must-have for any designer out there. It packs in all the features required for a designer to make its work stand out.

Salient features –

  • It has a feature of message boards where the users can post their queries, suggestions, alerts, etc.
  • To-do lists come handy in assigning tasks to one or more users. The tool will follow up with the long-overdue tasks set by a member. 
  • Each project is assigned a place where the files and documents can be stored. 
  • Users can create reports to understand better what is done, what is left, and the assignments assigned to a particular user. 

41- Codekit

With Codekit, you can build a website faster. It comprises all modern tools such as SaaS, CoffeeScript, Stylus, etc.

Salient features –

  • The tool automatically compiles all the modern languages. 
  • The best thing about Codekit is that it refreshes and syncs the browsers that you work on. 
  • It will optimize your site so that it runs at lightning speed. 
  • Codekit comes with debugging tools.

42- Codepen

If you are a front end developer, this tool will help you build and deploy a website, display your work, and formulate test cases.

Salient features –

  • It supports external scripts. 
  • Using this tool, you can create template pens. 
  • With a simple and intuitive approach, it is a helpful tool for the designers. 
  • It offers Professor Mode where they can host a room. In this room, they have the facility to edit the code. 

43- Easelly

Productivity tools for business

Easelly is an excellent tool for the designers as it helps them design and develop infographics from their browsers in real-time.

Salient features –

  • Add zest to your next presentation.
  • Helps you create creative infographics. 
  • Background customization
  • Embed code and group share 
  • Sharable link

44- FitText

This tool makes the size of the font flexible. The width of all the big fonts on your website, such as headers, is adjusted to the screen’s width.

Salient features –

  • The tool makes the font-sizes flexible. 
  • The tool provides easy reading and navigation. 
  • Content Writing

45- WordPress

Wordpress tool to boost your productivity

If you are interested in creating great content, then you need to have WordPress. The tool is a must-have for the content marketers as it has all the tools in its arsenal to create a website or a blog. This platform is easy to use as it helps track visitors, make uploading content easy, and offers a wide array of plugins to help optimize your marketing endeavors.

Salient features –

  • With WP, managing the content is quite easy. You have the power to make the content public or private. Securing your pages and posts with passwords does offer you a sense of security. 
  • As the famous saying goes – a picture is worth a thousand words, drag and drop feature comes handy in uploading the media quickly and easily. 
  • One leading feature behind the immense popularity of WordPress is its simplicity. This feature helps you get online quickly and start publishing without wasting time. 
  • You have the facility to create a website of your choice such as – photoblog, business website, a government website, etc. Using many themes, you can make your website catchy and further extend it with plugins’ help. 
  • Besides, being cost-effective WordPress is a fantastic tool to have as it is optimized for search engines. 

46- Hemingway Editor

This editor helps your writing to be bold and clear. It enables you to improve your writing proficiencies.

Salient features –

  • Easy to use interface.
  • You get to make the most of online and desktop editions. 
  • Easily tackles long documents. 

47- Siteliner

You can use this tool to check for duplicate content. You can use this tool and search for a single sentence or phrase.

Salient features –

  • The tool offers specific results.
  • The tool makes it easier to analyze duplicate content of any page of a website. 
  • The tool also helps in finding out the most noticeable page in a given website. 

48- Keyword planner

Whether you are writing copy for a social media campaign or a particular website, this tool will fulfill your keyword research needs.

Salient features –

  • You get to search for the keywords and ad group ideas. 
  • Use this tool to view keyword statistics and performance estimates. 
  • You get to narrow your keyword list as per the search volume and CPC. 

49- Stackedit

Stackedit tool to improve your productivity

If you are looking for a tool that helps you convert text into .html or copy it from WordPress, this is the tool you need to have.

Salient features –

  • This tool helps you edit multiple markdown documents. 
  • Using the tool, you get to save the documents as markdown, HTML, or PDF. 
  • You can convert HTML to markdown. 
  • It has an in-built spell checker. 

50- Ilys

If you find issues drafting your article, Ilys can be of great help. Using the tool, you can easily monitor your word count. You can also generate keywords with this tool.

Salient features –

  • It tracks your performance and makes you familiar when you have performed better and when not. 
  • All the communication done with the tool is secure. 

51- Calmly writer

It is one of the popular web-based tools for content writing. You can access this tool through an Android or an iPhone.

Salient features –

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Works on all devices. 
  • Loads of formatting options.
  • Responsive design. 
  • Dark mode. 

52- Writemonkey

If you are looking for a tool that offers distraction-free writing, then this is the tool. The tool has a typing sound, set your color scheme, set font size, etc.

Salient features –

  • No distractions.
  • Completely customizable. 
  • Small, fast, and stable. 
  • Portable.

53- Scrivener

No matter what type of writer you are, this tool will come handy. The tool will provide you all the resources that will help you start writing and keep on writing.

Salient features –

  • It has familiar text editing tools.
  • The tool offers formatting presets. 
  • Creating templates and assigning custom icons to them is easy.