Are you searching for cutting-edge tools to elevate your educational experience? The integration of AI in education is transforming learning and teaching methods, making sophisticated educational tools more accessible. This post delves into the top 13 free AI tools and apps available for students in May 2024, which are essential for enhancing both teaching effectiveness and student performance.

With 90% of students preferring AI-driven study aids like ChatGPT for students over traditional tutoring methods, and about 50% of teachers utilizing AI for lesson planning (as reported by EdWeek), the benefits of these tools are clear. They offer personalized learning environments and real-time feedback, crucial for educational success. Join us as we explore these free AI resources that promise to revolutionize the educational landscape, providing you with the most innovative solutions at your fingertips.

Some interesting stats on using AI in classroom 

  1. 60% of teachers use AI in their classrooms (Forbes)
  2. 47% of learning management systems will have AI capabilities by 2024 (Business Today)
  3. 67% of secondary school students in the UK use AI tools (Cryptopolitan)
  4. By 2030, AI will automatically score 50% of college essays and nearly all multiple-choice examinations (MMC Global)
  5. 56% of college students have used AI tools to complete assignments or exams (Turnitin)
  6. 49% of students actively used AI writing tools during Fall 2023 (Turnitin)
  7. 58% of university students in Australia are using AI during their studies (Coefficient)

Understanding AI in Education

In educational settings, AI tools fulfill several important functions designed to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

One primary function is AUTOMATED GRADING, where AI can rapidly and effectively evaluate student assignments, providing quick feedback. It expedites the grading process and allows educators to spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time on teaching.

Additionally, AI supports personalized learning by using DATA-DRIVEN INSIGHTS to analyze individual learning behaviors. This analysis enables AI systems to customize educational content to match each student’s unique learning pace and style. It significantly boosts academic engagement and outcomes.

Another vital role of AI is ANALYTICS, which utilizes extensive data to offer insights into student performance and educational trends. These insights help educators make informed decisions that improve teaching strategies and learning materials. It enhances overall student performance.

Now, let’s have a quick look at the top 13 Educational AI Tools for Students in 2024


Top 13 AI EdTech Tools in 2024

1. ChatGPT- 4o

Free AI tools for students

ChatGPT 4o, an advanced iteration of OpenAI’s language models, was introduced as part of OpenAI’s ongoing efforts to enhance AI capabilities. It builds on the success of previous models like GPT-4 and GPT-3.5, aiming to offer faster and more affordable AI solutions.

The launch of ChatGPT 4o is part of a broader strategy to deploy increasingly sophisticated and safe AI systems through iterative updates and extensive testing. OpenAI has consistently rolled out updates and improvements, including the introduction of GPT-4 Turbo, a more cost-effective and efficient version of GPT-4, around the same time.

This fine-tuned version offers a wide range of applications in education, providing personalized learning experiences, tutoring assistance, enhanced writing skills, language learning support, research assistance, professional development for educators, accessibility and inclusivity features, and collaborative learning tools.

Top Features of ChatGPT 4o

The features of GPT-4.0 present several benefits for students, enhancing both their learning experiences and academic performance:

  • Real-time voice conversations:
    • Benefits: This feature allows GPT-4.0 to engage with students through voice, making it ideal for auditory learners and those who benefit from verbal reinforcement. Students can have interactive discussions on complex subjects, receive spoken explanations of difficult concepts, or practice language skills in a conversational setting. This real-time interaction can also help improve students’ presentation and public speaking skills by providing immediate feedback on pronunciation, fluidity, and style.
  • Multimodal content creation:
    • Benefits: GPT-4.0’s ability to create diverse forms of content from different prompts aids students in multiple ways. For instance, it can help generate creative writing, code, or even musical compositions based on student inputs. This capability supports a broad range of academic activities, from creative arts to technical sciences, making it easier for students to engage with subjects creatively and effectively. It also aids in developing critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills by interpreting and translating abstract concepts into various media.
  • Image and audio interpretation:
    • Benefits: The capacity to analyze and interpret images and audio enhances learning by incorporating visual and auditory materials into study sessions. Students can use this feature to gain deeper insights into visual arts, history, or cultural studies by analyzing imagery or historical documents. Similarly, in subjects like music or linguistics, audio interpretation helps in better understanding content structure, patterns, and theoretical applications. This feature also supports students with disabilities, such as visual impairments, by describing and interpreting visual content.
  • Faster processing:
    • Benefits: The fast processing speeds of GPT-4.0 ensure that students receive immediate responses to queries, which is crucial for maintaining engagement and flow in learning environments. This swift interaction mimics a natural conversational pace, helping to sustain student attention and interest. It also allows for more dynamic and responsive educational interactions, making learning more efficient and less time-consuming.

ChatGPT4.o Pricing

  • ChatGPT PlusSubscribers pay $20 per month to access the enhanced features of ChatGPT 4o, which includes faster response times and priority access to new features and improvements.
  • GPT-4 API Access: OpenAI charges $0.03 per 1000 tokens for the initial text (prompt) and $0.06 per 1000 tokens for the generated text (completion) for the 8192-token context window. For the 32768-token context window, the prices are doubled.
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2. Fetchy – Best AI Tool For Teachers

Classroom Tools That Use AI

Fetchy is an effective AI tool for education, offering more than 50 productivity tools designed to raise instructors’ proficiency and productivity. Teachers may focus on more significant responsibilities by streamlining time-consuming processes like creating compelling lesson plans – All with this AI tool.

Moreover, teachers can make better decisions and manage their time more effectively.

Top Features

  • Offer Multiple Resources – Fetchy provides customers with multiple educational resources that address many facets of learning. These resources assist educators in realizing their full potential and foster social, cognitive, affective, and psychomotor growth.
  • Simplifies Lesson Planning – Additionally, the application simplifies lesson planning so educators may quickly and easily build interesting lesson plans. The capability of bespoke exams aids in tracking and measuring student development and offers immediate feedback on each student to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness.
  • Expert Advice and Support – Teachers can use its expert guidance and support services to get practical insights from seasoned professionals. By using the available content modification function, tutors can also produce instructional materials that specifically target the needs of their scholars such as increased comprehension or engagement.

Fetchy Pricing

Fetchy has just one option, which costs $10 a month. However, if you want to give it a try before committing completely, a 7-day free trial option is available.

3. Quizlet – Top AI Tool For Students

13 Best AI Tools For Students In 2024

Quizlet is a popular AI-powered study application that assists students in effectively retaining knowledge. It offers a range of study modes, including flashcards, matching games, and quizzes, to enhance learning and engagement. With over 500 million study sets, Quizlet covers various subjects, making it a versatile tool for students of all ages.

Top Features

  • Interactive Study Tools: Quizlet provides various study modes, such as Flashcards, Learn, Mgic Notes, Text, and Textbook Solutions, to make learning fun and effective.
  • Customizable Study Sets: Students can create their own study sets or choose from millions of existing ones, covering various topics and subjects.
  • Audio Feature: The Text-to-Speech feature reads out loud the terms and definitions, aiding auditory learners and those who prefer hearing the information.
  • Progress Tracking: Quizlet tracks students’ progress, providing insights into their learning journey and helping them identify areas that need improvement.
  • Collaboration: Students can collaborate with peers, sharing and comparing study sets, and even competing in games, fostering a social and interactive learning experience.

Quizlet Pricing

Quizlet offers a free version with basic features and a Quizlet Plus plan for $35.99 per year, providing ad-free studying, additional study modes, and enhanced customization options.

4. Consensus – AI Tool For Researchers

Free AI Tools Every Teacher Should Know

One of AI’s biggest drawbacks is that it occasionally yields inaccurate information in response. It is troublesome because the last thing you want to be concerned about is the possibility that you are carrying false information with you.

One of the best AI tools for education to address this problem is consensus. It responds to any research questions and provides proof (such as journal excerpts) to support its accuracy. In this manner, you can be sure of the data you get.

You can easily export these responses and share them with others via social media or SMS. Let’s examine some of its best attributes.

Top Features

  • Quick Access To The Research Papers – You can quickly access journal and scientific research papers using Consensus. It saves time, particularly for students who are writing literature reviews for dissertations. The tool offers evidence from reliable sources based on relevancy and is free of advertisements.
  • Vast Database – One of its best attributes is its vast database that covers a wide range of subjects. You may find solutions in every area, including technology, finance, and health.

Consensus Pricing

Consensus is available on three distinct plans:

  1. Free
  2. Premium Plan: Monthly cost of $9.99
  3. Enterprise: Get a quote for a tailored bundle.

5. Brainly –  AI Tutor & Test Prep Tool

The Best Artificial Intelligence Tools for Education

Brainly is a global online learning community that connects students, parents, and teachers to help solve academic problems and share knowledge. With over 350 million monthly users, Brainly is a go-to resource for collaborative learning and homework help.

Top Features

  • Q&A Community: Brainly users can ask questions on any subject and receive answers from a community of peers and experts. This collaborative learning approach fosters knowledge sharing and critical thinking.
  • Subject Matter Experts: The platform has a team of verified subject matter experts who provide reliable and accurate answers, ensuring the quality and credibility of the information shared.
  • Interactive Learning Tools: Brainly offers a range of interactive learning tools, such as flashcards, study guides, and quizzes, to make learning more engaging and effective.
  • Real-time Help: Students can connect with peers and experts in real time to get instant clarification on complex topics or homework questions.

Brainly Pricing

Brainly offers a basic free version with access to the Q&A community and limited features. For enhanced capabilities, users can subscribe to Brainly Plus, which costs $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year. Brainly Plus includes additional benefits such as faster answers, step-by-step explanations, and priority support.

6. Socratic by Google – Learning Resource For Students

best ai powered machine learning ai tools for education

Socratic, developed by Google, is an AI-driven learning app that acts as a personal tutor for students. It utilizes AI and machine learning to provide step-by-step explanations and educational videos for a range of subjects, including math, science, literature, and more.

Top Features

  • Step-by-Step Explanations: Socratic provides clear and detailed explanations for a wide range of questions, helping students understand concepts better.
  • Educational Videos: The app offers a library of educational videos from trusted sources, such as Crash Course, to supplement the text-based explanations.
  • Wide Subject Coverage: Socratic covers various subjects, including math, science, literature, social studies, and more, making it a versatile study tool.
  • Smart Camera: Students can snap a photo of a question or problem, and Socratic’s smart camera will provide relevant explanations and resources, making learning more accessible.
  • Personalized Learning: The app adapts to each student’s learning style and pace, offering a personalized experience that caters to their unique needs.
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Socratic by Google Pricing

Socratic by Google is a completely free app, with no in-app purchases or subscriptions required.

7. Gradescope – AI-assisted Grading Tool

ai presentation maker free

Gradescope is an AI-powered education management tool that assists teachers in grading assignments and examinations more rapidly. It can interpret mathematical equations, including fractions, as well as text.

Gradescope uses artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify teaching tasks and offer insightful data on student performance.

What are the best aspects of it? Let’s investigate.

Top Features

  • Assisted Answer Groups – Teachers can group similar student answers using Gradescope’s Assisted Answer Groups function. Additionally, teachers have the authority to grant some students time extensions.
  •  AI-assisted grading – With the help of the AI-assisted grading tool, students can grade assignments, projects, and exams automatically. All these characteristics simplify the process and lessen the amount of administrative work for teachers.

Gradescope Pricing

There are two plans for Gradescope: Basic and Institutional. To get users started, there is also a free version of it.

8. Otter.AI – AI Meeting Note Taker & Real-time AI Transcription

The best AI productivity tools in 2024

There are limited solutions available that can manage the equally complicated fields of sales, marketing, and education. However, does meet a requirement in lectures and sales meetings—taking notes.

Otter is a great tool for instructors and students who wish to take notes and summarize lectures quickly. Transcribing audible remarks into written language in this manner facilitates the process of gathering and reviewing crucial information.

You may be confident that the AI will keep up with even the fastest speakers because it can perform all this at 160 words per minute. Furthermore, it’s so easy to integrate with other programs and apps, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet.

Top Features

Otter’s real-time transcription during meetings or classes is one of its strongest features. You may follow along, and review the notes later because the program automatically transcribes words as people speak.

This tool is also helpful if you have trouble taking notes or wish to record your classes precisely.

Otter.AI Pricing

Users of can choose from four different plans:

  • Free (beginners) 
  • Pro: $16.99/month (suitable for smaller teams and those desiring additional minutes)
  • Business: $40 per month (for big groups looking to share and cooperate)
  • Enterprise: Customized pricing (tailored bundle to satisfy certain requirements)

9. Ivy.AI – Generative Chatbots for Higher Education, Healthcare & Government

Top 13 Free AI Apps for Education

An AI suite called offers conversational AI capabilities made especially for the various requirements of schools and universities. They can assist in streamlining certain parts of the standard university process, such as enrollment procedures, deadlines, and tuition.

Schools can organize and set up recruitment efforts with the aid of this tool. Ivy’s main goal is to facilitate effective communication between colleges and their respective student. Additionally, its chatbots can offer details on departments and courses, student loans, tuition, housing, and extracurricular activities.

Top Features

  • Seamless Integration With Over 30 Different Campus Vendors.
  • Pre-Trained Knowledge Base for Accurate Answers
  • Multi-Channel Communication for Engaging Interactions
  • Critical Insights for Data-Driven Improvements
  • Time and Cost Savings for Educational Institutions

Ivy.AI Pricing understands that each educational institution has unique needs. Instead of offering tiered plans, they provide a customized experience through a demo request. This ensures that their AI solutions are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your school or university.

10.Querium – Master Critical STEM Skills

Top Generative AI Tools to Improve Your Teams Workflow

Artificial intelligence (AI) empowers students to excel in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. Querium, an innovative AI tool, is specifically designed to support students aspiring to pursue college-level STEM courses or embark on STEM career paths. With its advanced features and personalized learning approach, Querium is truly a game-changer for STEM education.

Top Features

  • Personalized Lessons: Querium utilizes AI to deliver personalized lessons tailored to meet the unique needs of each student. By offering bite-sized portions, Querium ensures that complex STEM concepts are broken down into easily digestible segments, enhancing understanding and retention.
  • Step-by-Step Assistance: The StepWise engine powers Querium, providing step-by-step tutoring assistance. This feature ensures that students receive guidance at every stage of their learning journey, promoting a deeper understanding of STEM topics.
  • Student Engagement Enhancement: Querium’s AI technology analyzes student learning habits and creates customized plans to increase engagement. By adapting to individual learning styles, Querium makes STEM subjects more accessible and captivating.
  • Tutoring Insights: Querium doesn’t just support students; it also assists tutors and educators. By analyzing answers and tracking lesson completion times, Querium provides insights into student learning habits, enabling tutors to identify areas for improvement and offer targeted support.

Querium Pricing

Querium is committed to making STEM education accessible to all. The platform is mostly free to use. It ensures that students from diverse backgrounds can benefit from its innovative features. While some specialized products may have a nominal access fee, Querium’s core offerings remain widely available at no cost, making it a valuable resource for students worldwide.

11. Knowji – Audiovisual Vocabulary Apps For Students

Top FREE Ai Tools for Research and Academic Writing

Students often struggle with retaining information when learning new vocabulary. Knowji understands this challenge and offers a fun and engaging solution. By combining audio and visual elements, such as cartoons, Knowji helps language learners accelerate their progress. The app utilizes a spacing repetition algorithm to track students’ improvement on specific words and predict their likelihood of forgetting what they’ve learned.

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Top Features

Knowji’s standout features include:

  • Multiple learning modes to facilitate familiarity with words
  • A customizable and adaptable user interface catering to individual learning styles
  • Engaging images and example sentences to foster interaction with new words
  • Data-driven insights for progress tracking, blind spot identification, and targeted suggestions for improvement
  • With Knowji, students can expect to enhance their vocabulary retention and language skills through an enjoyable and personalized learning experience.

KnowJi Pricing

The pricing of this innovative AI education tool is not mentioned on the official website.

12. Carnegie Learning – K-12 Education Solutions Provider

Best AI Tools for Academic Writing

Carnegie Learning is an innovative education technology provider that leverages machine learning and AI to deliver personalized learning experiences to students in the K-12 system. Their software covers various educational areas, including math, world languages, and literacy, with a focus on engaging and effective learning.

One of their standout products is MATHia, a game-changing math software developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. MATHia makes math fun and interactive through games and meaningful play, offering a unique and enjoyable learning experience.

Fast ForWord, another powerful tool in Carnegie Learning’s arsenal, is designed to enhance students’ cognitive skills in reading and language. By strengthening the underlying cognitive skills needed for reading and language, Fast ForWord helps students become more confident and capable learners.

Top Features

  • Personalized Learning Plans – Carnegie Learning’s software is distinguished by its ability to offer personalized learning plans tailored to each student’s unique needs. The platform can even emulate human tutors, adding an emotional element to the learning process that increases engagement and motivation.
  • Valuable Insights – Additionally, Carnegie Learning provides valuable insights and data to teachers, enabling them to effectively manage their students’ progress and make informed instructional decisions. This data-driven approach ensures that educators can provide targeted support and interventions when needed.
    Carnegie Learning is dedicated to making a positive impact on the educational journey of K-12 students with its cutting-edge technology and student-centered design. It fosters a love of learning and empowers them to reach their full potential.

Carnegie Learning Pricing

Similar to Knowji, The pricing information of Carnegie Learning is not mentioned anywhere.

13. Plaito – AI Tutor

List of free AI tools for students

Last but not least, Plaito is an innovative ed-tech tool that revolutionizes the way students learn and develops essential skills. Plaito provides personalized writing, debating, and teamwork coaching – All by using artificial intelligence. It empowers students to excel in their academic pursuits.

Top Features

  • One-On-One Tutoring Sessions – One of Plaito’s standout features is its one-on-one tutoring sessions, where students receive tailored suggestions and prompts that focus on their needs. This targeted approach ensures that students gain clarity of concepts, build confidence, and deepen their understanding of lessons.
  • Homework Help tool – The Homework Help tool is a game-changer, allowing students to upload pictures or screenshots of their homework problems and receive detailed lessons on how to solve them. Plaito’s AI and language science-based tutoring adapt to each student’s preferred pace, ensuring a truly personalized learning experience.
  • Essay Writer And Summarizer – In addition to tutoring, Plaito offers a range of tools to enhance students’ writing and language skills, including an essay writer and summarizer. The language learning features, presented in a gamified format, make learning a new language engaging and interactive. Students are motivated to complete challenges and earn rewards, fostering a sense of accomplishment.
  • Outcome-Driven Assignments – Plaito’s outcome-driven assignments are designed to improve memory retention and accelerate learning. The chatbot, available in four languages, adds a human-like conversational element to the platform, making it even more interactive and accessible.

Plaito Pricing

Plaito offers flexibility with a free plan and a paid subscription. The free plan operates on a coin system, where students can earn coins by completing tasks and challenges, which can then be used to access prompts within the app. For unrestricted access to all features, the paid plan is available at $14.99 per month or $199.99 annually, offering excellent value for dedicated users.


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