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Go Developer Roadmap 2024

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Becoming a Go developer is no longer a job for programmers, its a lifestyle. With endless creativity, flexibility and the ability to share with others, Go developers are some of the most talented people in the business world today. This is what makes learning Go so worthwhile – there will always be new challenges and ways to improve your skillset.

Lets take a look at how you can get started developing with Go before 2024…

Introduction to GoLang

Go (also known as GoLang) is an in-demand backend language, especially for the tech guys working with Google products. It is a proficient language to compile large programs in seconds.

Competitive companies like Uber, Twitch, Netflix, and Paypal are embracing this language. People looking for a developer’s job can have a kick-start career by learning GoLang.

If you are thinking – where do you begin? Would it be a good decision from a career perspective? What salary package is offered? What certification course to do for becoming a Go developer? 

This post answers all your queries. Above all, it will serve as a guide to know how can you become a Go developer and get hired in the best software development company.

What is GoLang?

Google developed a statically typed programming language in 2009 for compiling large code in less time. The programming language inherits the efficiency of famous languages like C++ and the readability of Python.

GoLang allows the development of functional websites and software applications. It uses different tools and frameworks mainly focusing on testing and debugging already developed code.


Building a career in Go is easy for developers who already have programming experience in the following:  

  • Knowledge of scripting languages like Java, Shell, Pearl scripts
  • Understanding of UI/UX and application design software
  • Working knowledge with Git 
  • Knowledge of DevOps practices

Why should you become GO developer?

Given that Go is still a relatively new language, there isn’t much competition for developers. 

Go is a hybrid imperative language designed keeping the concept of concurrency in mind. Some of the key features of the language are:

So, why not grab this opportunity by starting learning Go? According to Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developer Survey, Golang moved up to the fifth place from ninth place in 2019 on the most loved languages list.

How to become a Go Developer?

Go (or Golang) is developed with an open-source programming concept focusing on fast-execution reliability, and efficient software at scale. The language is efficient to work with large networks of servers and cloud-native infrastructure.

As Google services are one of the prominent services for web and cloud environments, a language like GO will become popular in the coming times. A step-wise process to learning Go is :

Step 1: Learn the basics of Go

To start with, you must have sound knowledge of the scripting language. The route toward learning Go starts as;

  • Filenames, keywords, identifiers
  • Operators, types, functions, and constants
  • Pointers, structures, methods
  • Maps, arrays, slices
  • Go CLI
  • Interface
  • Error handling
  • Goroutine, Channel, Buffer
  • Panic, Defer, Error, Recover
  • Go design patterns

However, your learning speed depends on your programming skills and experience in programming. For new learners, it’s best to start with the basics while experienced developers can directly start programming with Go with the help of online tutorials.

Go uses the concept of less coding and complexity using a minimal amount of keywords. Therefore the LoC will be lesser than other languages like Java. Keywords in Go are passed without a symbol table, as its grammar is LALR(1). The language acts as a  hybrid, imperative language using the concept of concurrency. 

Step 2: Master Go libraries and other tools

After gaining the basic knowledge, you should learn the add-on libraries and tools that make Go easier to use. As a Go developer, you should have the working knowledge with:

You can spend extra hours learning Go Frameworks, Libraries, and databases.

However, knowledge of log frameworks such as Zap will be an add-on skill.

Step 3: Learn to test with Go

Testing the code plays a vital role in the success of a Go developer. The usability and reliability checking are two important testing phases of GO development including:

  • Unit testing (important testing phase in Go)
  • Integration testing
  • Behavior testing
  • E2E testing

Some of the popular testing frameworks are Ginkgo and GoCheck. Ginkgo is mainly used for behavior testing and integration testing.

Step 4: Understand Go patterns

Understanding Go design patterns is a must because Go uses repeatable general solutions to common problems. Go focuses on the following design patterns:

  • Structural
  • Creational
  • Behavioral
  • Concurrency
  • Stability

The most important are creational (such as builder, factory, singleton), behavioral (such as using them as iterator, observer, command), and structural (such as adapter, bridge, decorator).

Experienced developers must be aware of the design patterns they can start in the context of Go. The freshers can start by borrowing some sample implementations.

Take-Away Skills:

  • The setup of a Go environment and how to create a Go file.
  • Go’s data types and variables.
  • Go’s conditional statements.
  • Using functions in Go.

Online Courses and certifications

If you have decided to learn GoLang, here are some of the online courses that will you master the language:

Salary Packages of Go Developers

The salary package of a developer depends on the expertise level. For the entry-level positions, the expected salary is $117,000 per year which can go up to $170,000 per year depending on the work experience. At present, for remote developers, there are ample job opportunities that can boost a developer career.

GoLang Developer Roadmap Free Download

Go Developer Roadmap

FAQ – GoLang Developer Roadmap 2024

1. Why learn GoLang?

Software developers face inevitable challenges especially related to concurrency. Go is created to do automatic memory management. To add on, Go is designed to handle server-side complexity in executing code. 

2. Is it worth learning GoLang in 2024?

Definitely! Go is a popular language used for Google services. As per the  statistics from Github, the Go community has grown by 147% between 2018-2019. Go is worth it because it is compatible with languages like Python, Java, C, and C++. 

In the present times, it is a fact that no new programming language can fulfill all the programming needs. To become a versatile programmer, you must learn multiple programming languages. When it comes to choosing a trend language, Go will definitely give you a salary hike.

3. What’s next for GoLang Developer 2024?

If you are starting to learn a language like GoLang, there are limitless opportunities. A lot lies ahead depending on individual efforts. Pursuing an online course for learning the basic concept and taking hands-on experience can prove your worth in the programming field.

You can even enroll yourself with a renowned software development company in San Francisco that hires fresh trainees to learn GO from the scratch and covers topics such as error-handling, networking, and templating. You will have exposure to working on real-time projects. You will gain experience handling bugs, and complex patterns.

By the end of the course, the company will provide a certificate, and who knows, the top-most software company working in GoLang might hire you!