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Are you looking for a step to step guide on How to become an iOS developer in 2024? We have brought an ultimate guide to learn iOS development with the top 27 core skills of An iOS Developer along with courses & certifications to become an iOS Developer.

ios developer roadmap

The mobile app industry, especially iOS apps, is witnessing constant growth. There are signs of growth in the foreseeable future & different programming languages.

The last 6 years have shown positive growth in usage of mobile apps, the increase rate is 36%. More than 1.96 million apps are available in App Store to download. (Source: Statista)

This is encouraging news for mobile app developers. If you are considering your career as an iOS app developer, it is a good time to start building your skills. 

The high salary and growth as an iOS developer are fascinating to start your career. Moreover, an iOS app developer is among the top paid IT professionals with a global average salary of $84,763. 

This blog contains a roadmap designed for all IT or Non- IT Professionals who want to become iOS app developers by excelling in this field. Also, an overview to quickly grow in terms of salary and seniority has been convened.

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Who Can Be An iOS Developer? 

A candidate with an in-depth understanding of the iOS ecosystem, including a sound knowledge of the working of Apple devices is eligible to start. Also, technical skills play an important role in becoming a pro iOS developer. All in all, different programming languages are necessary to become iOS Developer. 

iOS Development: A Good Career Choice In 2024 Or Not?

Looking at the increasing popularity of the iOS platform, it is safe to say that a career in iOS application development is a good decision. 

There is a rapid increase in the popularity of Apple devices like Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod, and the macOS platform. Due to this growth, the experienced, as well as newbies to programming, are entering the iOS application development field. 

Increasing job opportunities and good pay packages are alluring factors to plan a better professional career in the field of mobile app development.

Top 5 Reasons To become an iOS Developer

why to become iOS developer in 2022

If you dream to work in an established tech company or startup or like to do freelancing, either of them is a great choice. Here are the top reasons why one should become an iOS Developer in 2024:

?iOS Environment is a more integrated and urban mobile app development platform (With the compatibility with Android devices, the popularity is going to increase)

?iOS development tools are easy to learn and you can quickly start developing apps using in-built app development features in Apple devices.

?iOS developers are highly paid &  most demanded ones.

?Teaching Code site and Swift UI tutorials are two great resources provided to help the new folks to learn iOS easily.

?Now, coming back to the demand of iOS developers, it is growing rapidly as the use of Apple devices is increasing.

?Apple Inc. is nowadays providing cross-platform support features that raise the demand for iOS applications. So, if you have proficiency in coding in the” C” language, you should start learning iOS app development languages. Objective C is the basic language for iOS app development.

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How to start learning iOS development in 2024?

IOS Developer Roadmap 2022

iOS app development is well-received with its elegant, consistent operation and concise interface. Apple has released a concise document for human-computer interaction called the human-interface guidelines to help developers design the app.

?Ultimate Cheat Sheets Compilation For Beginner Developers

Referring to this guide, here are a few of the must-have skills for an aspiring iOS developer:

iOS Developer Online Classes, Certifications & Courses

ios developer courses & online certifications To start with, you can do an online course to learn Apple’s Programming Environment for app development. You’ll learn how to use AutoLayout, UIButtons, and UILabels to create an interface. Also, you will learn to react to touch events in an app using ViewController and multiple views. Audio and video settings in an app environment are also part of online Apple courses.

The courses are for 2-4 weeks or 6 months duration. The cost of the course depends on the duration of the classes and the curriculum.

Online Courses For iOS Development

iOS App Development with Swift Specialization

The Complete iOS 15 / iOS 14 Developer Course – and SwiftUI!

SwiftUI – Learn How to Build Beautiful, Robust, Apps

SwiftUI Chat App | MVVM | Cloud Firestore | iOS 14 | Swift 5

Apart from Apple, IT organizations working on the iOS platform offer internships and online courses for professionals. They also provide experience in real-time app development. 

In addition to learning swift, an iOS developer needs to learn about UI designing and databases. The certification courses in these areas would help you get a better job.

So why wait to become a qualified Apple mobile app developer, enroll yourself in a Certified iOS App Developer Training Course.

Pro Tip;

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Some beginners think that the costlier course will help them become better iOS developers. This is purely a myth. Look for a course that’s offering practical experience of working on apps that are stored on the Apple Store

27 Core Skills of an iOS Developer In 2024


1. Swift Programming Language

This is the core programming language from Apple like JavaScript. You use it to create variables, write functions, and so on; it’s just pure code. It is a new language developed for the Apple app framework adopting the concepts of c++ language.

2. SwiftUI

It is a framework from Apple that lets developers write apps for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and even watchOS using Swift. So, while Swift is the programming language, SwiftUI is the set of tools to show pictures, text, buttons, text boxes, tables of data, and more in iOS apps. SwiftUI is becoming essential to add UI features in iOS apps. With the launch of iOS 14 widgets, it has become a necessary skill for iOS app development.

3. Networking and Working with data

Developing good networking skills helps in managing apps Networking is the practice of fetching data from the internet or sending data from the local device 

There are numerous ways of doing this, but honestly the absolute least you need to know is how to fetch  JSON from a server.

Also, converting data from the server using your network code into useful information is a required skill of an app developer. Maintaining the speed of the app is included in the programming profile.

4. Version control

Knowledge of version control like managing GitHub is an added skill for an efficient iOS programmer.  Also, GIT architecture is a very wide & detailed concept. 

By learning these skills you can start developing iOS apps. However, in the app development market, the more you practice, the better skill you develop.

Now, let’s make the learning process simpler by breaking down the tips into smaller chunks.

5. Learning XCode and Interface Builder

Developing XCode knowledge for building user experience is a must. Also, many of the Apple devices apps use the Cocoa Touch framework. Therefore, try learning several interfaces Game Changer, Passbook, etc. for becoming an efficient iOS developer.

6. Auto Layout setting Efficiency

Apart from coding, a mobile app developer must have expert-level skills in setting layouts. The mobile programming is based on element setting To have control over the layout with wider customization, trying auto-layout methods is a must.

7. Knowledge of Containers and Storyboards

To create operational apps, learning the use of containers and Storyboard is a plus. It helps in bugs fixing, providing better navigation and app flow management.

8. Implementation of Table Views

To add more dynamic functionality in the iOS apps, a programmer must have in-depth knowledge of the table view & different programming languages.

9. Database Experts

Database integration is the backbone of an app. Some of the popular databases that are deployed in iOS development are Realm, SQLite, and Core Data. Knowing the interfacing with these packages, iOS developers can easily link up the apps with databases.

10. Spatial Reasoning Ability

Unparalleled user experience is a must-have feature of an iOS app. To design an intuitive interface and compute better functionalities, spatial reasoning ability is an added advantage. Helps in creating profitable and productive apps.

Want to create a stunning iOS app

11. Develop Design Skills

Apple devices provide excellent designs and look and feel as a whole.  Also, designing plays’ crucial role in the ranking of these apps too. At the beginner’s level, it is difficult to run. But one must gradually develop design skills to become a successful iOS programmer.

12. Proficiency in Grand Central Dispatch

GCD or Grand Central dispatch allows you to add concurrency to the apps. As iOS applications perform multiple tasks at the same time including pulling data from the network, displaying relevant information on the screen, reading touch inputs, and a lot more, running all these at the same time can be quite stressful on the handset.. Concurrent programming skills will make one efficient to handle this multitasking using GCD.

13. Integration with Data

Working with different data integration systems for iOS developers will be a great add-on. Proficiency in data handling will allow the development of robust apps.

14. Incorporating third-party APIs

To work on cross-platform apps and to speed up the app development process, APIs are used in the Apple development ecosystem. An iOS coder must know about APIs to work diligently while choosing the API.

15. Testing Experience

To work as a good team player, it is must adapt testing practices. The code is checked on various parameters. The standardization helps to gain more knowledge of developing apps and code with the help of different programming languages that is understandable by other users.

16. Skilled in Source Control

Source code means keeping control of all the changes that are made in the source code. Learning source code management systems will reduce and resolve all the conflicts that arise during the source integration. A good hands-on experience in source control helps the developers to collaborate with the team and streamline the development phase.

17. Knowledge of Concurrency

Efficiently applying concurrency in apps allows complex apps to run flawlessly. So, iOS developers must incorporate concurrency and parallelism into their code.

18. Memory Management skills

iPhone and iPad devices are resource-constrained on memory.  A pre-processing limit to run a code is set. so, focusing on memory use is one of the considerations that an iOS developer must learn.

19. Great communication skills

To understand the client’s requirements and to work in a technical team, an iOS Developer must develop good communication skills. These skills will accelerate your growth as an app developer. 

20. Problem-solving ability

Every iOS app has some kind of complexity involved in it. The problem-solving skills are not a choice but a necessity for a successful iOS Developer.

TIP: To develop these programming languages skills, review the apps ranking on Apple Store.

21. Team player attitude

App development is teamwork. To develop these skills, you must know to share ideas with other team members and work alongside them. Listening, learning, and understanding others’ points of view help you become a valuable team player.

22. Creativity and Innovation

To excel in competition among other developers, an iOS developer should develop creative and innovative skills. One must have the ability to develop user-friendly and functional iOS apps.

23. Discipline and dedication

A professional developer’s job is never smooth sailing. At the entry-level, learning is more important whereas, with the goring level, app management skills become a part of your job. You can do this only when you are a hardworking and disciplined professional with a learning attitude.

24. Research Approach

For an iOS developer, it is a must to keep updated and try researching new technologies and methods. This is essential as there are rapid changes in the Apple ecosystem. GUI and cross-application development are new areas that one must explore.

25. Thinking Ability

A rational thinking approach will help you develop analyzing power and find the solutions. To solve complexity and to think from the end user’s view, developing a sharp thinking mind is a must.

26. Appealing Portfolio

An iOS developer is a highly paid professional. Numerous app development companies look for talented and skilled professionals. So, to provide a preview of your knowledge, one must design a portfolio mentioning the apps and their links on the Apple Store.

27. Job Search

Finally, you need to develop an optimistic and practical approach to get a good job. Sometimes you need to take the help of job consultancies, references, etc. Here, your social media participation like creating a LinkedIn profile will also help.

Latest iOS Developer Job Opportunities & salaries In 2024

ios developer salaries

One of the required skills of an iOS app developer is the ability to do smart coding. The way you craft your code and make it logical as per the Apple devices matters a lot. 

It is pretty clear – The better and smarter you code, the better job you will get!

When it comes to iOS app developer salaries, the average reported annual salary as per Glassdoor is $94,360, and at Indeed it is $119,585 per year. However, the salary depends on skill proficiency varying from the company’s level.

To help you find a better job, here are some iOS development thumb rules and design principles:

Basic iOS App Development Rules

?The operation should be easy and fluid

?The navigation structure should be clear.

?Ensure aesthetics integrity

?The syntax of the code must be simple and logical

?The primary function should be highlighted

?Consider the direction (Users sometimes use the portrait mode, and sometimes use the horizontal mode)

?The touchpoint should be suitable for the finger-tip size (44 X 44 pixels)

Latest Guidelines on iOS Development Design Principles

?Special attention to be paid to the screen size and screen resolution

?Four basic UI components (Navigation, Status bar, Content, Submenu)

?Icon size should be kept consistent

?Font-size should be made comfortable to read

?Slicing should be focussed 

10 Tips for Getting Hired as iOS Developer in 2024

10 tips to become ios devleloper

The iOS developer’s job is a skill-based job. You can spend your time developing your skills to develop Ui/UX iOS apps and can get a job in your dream company. Some of the qualities which you must develop are:

?Always try to develop better skills by learning new techniques.

?Keep a track of the newly developed top ranking apps  on AppleStore

?Develop the passion to think like an end-user and develop user-friendly apps

?Set your goals and keep looking for the job skills demanded by the top app development companies

?Learn interpersonal skills to become a good team member.

?Become independent and try to grasp knowledge to a level where you can independently develop iOS apps.

?Remember, a growing iOS developer has these three significant qualities 

?logical thinking and problem-solving approach;

?spatial reasoning and system design knowledge;

?Abstract thought, imagination, and creativity to develop new solutions.

Above all, to become the first choice of the iOS App Development Companies, work with passion developing a mindset to think out-of-the-box solutions.

Top 10 iOS Developer Interview Questions, Cheat Sheet 2024

top 100 ios developer interview questions

Being an iOS Developer is I would like to suggest to you some basic & advanced questions for the iOS developer interview. So some of them are:

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1. How to achieve concurrency in iOS?

The three ways to achieve concurrency in iOS are:

  • Dispatch queues
  • Threads
  • Operation queues

2. UIKit classes should be used from the which application thread? 

They can only be used by the application’s main thread.

3. Which is the state an app reaches briefly on its way to being suspended?

An app enters the background state briefly on its way to being suspended.

4. Define the layer objects in brief?

Layer objects are the data objects which show or present the visual content and are used to render the content.

5. Mention some important data types of Objective C?

They are 4 which are as follows:

  • NSintegar
  • Bool
  • CGfloat
  • NSstring
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6. Which programming languages are used for iOS development?

Programming languages used for iOS development are:

  • HTML5
  • .NET
  • C
  • Swift
  • Javascript
  • Objective-C

7. When we can say that this app is said into not running the state?

Basically, when it is not launched or gets terminated by the system while running.

8. When do we use the category?

We add a set of related methods and add additional methods in the Cocoa framework.

9. What is the full form of KVO?

KVO stands for key-value observing, which enables a controller to see all the changes to property value.

10. How to open the Code Snippet Library in Xcode?

Simply follow this step & you will be able to do so:



There is a lot of demand for iOS Developers today. To look for a rewarding career in this field, try developing apps that are unique and can stay among the best iOS apps on the Apple store.

Once you are confident about your skills, start applying for the job. Prepare your resume as per the demand of app development companies.

If finding a career in iOS development is your goal, be open to working in a company that can provide a real-time experience of building a competitive app. This experience will help you crack the interview for your dream job!

FAQs – iOS App Developer Roadmap 2024

Q1: What are the skills required for iOS Developer?

iOS Developer require knowledge in following areas:

  • Objective C and Swift (Cocoa Touch, Cocoa, and Cocoa Touch Frameworks)
  • Multithreading and concurrency
  • Database management (SQLite)
  • Networking, JSON and XML parsing
  • Security best practices

Q2: How long does it take to become an iOS Developer?

Becoming an iOS developer can be a challenging journey. There are many factors that come into play when deciding how long it will take you to become an iOS developer. This article is not meant to discourage you, but rather inform you of what to expect as you build your skillset and prepare yourself for the job market.

The first thing to consider is whether you want to learn Objective-C or Swift. Objective-C was Apple’s original programming language for the iPhone, while Swift was introduced in 2014 as a replacement for Objective-C. Swift has been gaining popularity since its release and has been adopted by most major tech companies including Apple, Google and IBM.

Q3: Is it hard to become an iOS Developer?

It’s not hard, but it takes time and effort. You need to know your way around Objective-C, the native programming language for iOS development, and at least one other language like C or Python. You’ll also need to learn about things like memory management, data structures and algorithms. Finally, you’ll need to study up on UI design principles so that you can make apps that look good and work well.

But don’t let that scare you off! If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, becoming an app developer is much easier than you might think.

Q4: Is App development a good career in 2024?

App development is one of the most lucrative career options in the world. It can be a great option for anyone who wants to build their own app, but doesn’t have the time or money to do so.

App development is a lucrative career option in 2024 as well. With over 2 million apps available on Google Play Store and Apple App store, it’s getting harder and harder for developers to create an app that will stand out from the crowd.

As technology improves, so does our access to it. Our smartphones have become more powerful than ever before, allowing us to use them for almost anything: watching movies and TV shows, playing games, listening to music, reading books and magazines, watching live sports events etc.

This has created a huge demand for mobile apps that can help us get things done wherever we are — whether it’s booking flights or hotels or finding nearby restaurants or stores — all with just a few taps on our screen