Latest Cheat Sheets for Developers 2024

Today I wanted to share with you the Ultimate Developer Cheat sheet Compilation.

I hope aspiring/new developers will find this compilation helpful for quick reference whenever needed.

This is an ultimate list of cheat sheets for developers. Recently I’ve been publishing a lot of posts related to writing clean code and improving your programming skills. I figured it may be a good idea to create a post where I could share with you a list of resources that will help you learn new stuff and improve your current knowledge. And what’s the best way to learn something different than to get a Cheat Sheet about it?

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As a software developer, you have to deal with a lot of different technologies and the best way to power through all of them is to get as many cheat sheet references.

We all know why having these is important for developers. Whether Python, web development or CSS, there are many highly useful resources that will help you make your life easier on a day to day basis. They are also very helpful for other team members who want to quickly find answers without taking time to browse the internet for hours. So this is my list of all the cheat sheets I have found useful .

Cheat sheets are code snippets that contain functions, command arguments, important tasks, etc. Some people swear by them while others swear at them. But one thing is certain: cheat sheets can save you a lot of time and frustration by helping you remember all those odd syntaxes that come with new languages or help make common tasks easier.

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Also Read –

1. Git CheatSheet ?

GIT CheatsheetCredit: Trilochan Parida

2. Git cheat sheet 2

This Git cheat sheet allows you to learn about the basic commands right away, and it can be used for more advanced concepts around.

Git cheatsheet 2

3. Git CheatSheet with more details

Credit: Trilochan Parida

4. JavaScript Operator Cheatsheet?

Javascript Operator CheatsheetCredit: Proful Sadangi

5. JavaScript String Cheat sheet

JavaScript String CheatsheetCredit: Proful Sadangi

6. JavaScript Date Cheat sheet

Javascript Date CheatsheetCredit: Proful Sadangi

7. JavaScript Object Cheat Sheet

JavaScript Object Cheat SheetCredit: Proful Sadangi

8. JavaScript Array Cheat Sheet

JavaScript Array Cheat sheetCredit: Proful Sadangi

9. Cron Cheatsheet

Cron CheatsheetCredit: Trilochan Parida

10. HTTP Status Code Cheatsheet

HTTP Status Code CheatsheetCredit: Sid

11. JavaScript DOM Cheatsheet

JavaScript DOM CheatsheetCredit: Proful Sadangi

12. CSS Selectors Cheatsheet

CSS Selectors CheatsheetCredit: Trilochan Parida

13. JavaScript Regex Cheat Sheet

JavaScript Regex CheatsheetCredit: Proful Sadangi

14. Command-Line Cheatsheet

Command-Line CheatsheetCredit: Jatin Rao

15. VSCode Keyboard Shortcuts CheatSheet

VSCode Keyboard Shortcuts CheatSheetCredit: Visual Studio Code Tips and Tricks

16. Module Cheat Sheet

Module CheatsheetCredit: Samantha Ming

17. Array Methods Cheatsheet

Array Methods CheatsheetCredit: Tomek Sułkowski

Wrap Up

I hope you will find this blog post useful and keep it handy for a quick reference. If you want to learn more HTML, CSS, JavaScript and web development tips & tricks, then you can always check out our blog section .

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Happy Coding!