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Our team of machine learning (ML) developers is highly skilled in utilizing the necessary frameworks, algorithms, tools, and modern programming languages to develop ML solutions tailored to specific industries. You can hire our machine learning engineers and data scientists to create the most effective ML models for your needs. Contact for 15 Days Risk-FREE Trial

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    Our team of skilled and experienced ML developers can help you create innovative, creative, and futuristic solutions that meet your specific needs. With expertise in various industry verticals, we can help you stay ahead of the curve and achieve your goals.

    ML Consulting

    We provide ML consulting services to assist companies in adopting intelligent machine learning models to automate, optimize, and modernize their business products and services. Hire our machine learning consultants to transform your unique ideas into reality.

    Custom ML Solution

    Our machine learning mobile app developers can create custom ML apps with advanced features like NLP, AR, and virtual visualization, IoT data transfer, predictive analytics, multilingual chatbots, and evolutionary architecture for powerful software solutions.

    ML Modeling

    Our ML engineers can handle end-to-end data processes, building, training, & deploying ML models. They can assist in integrating fully functional ML models into your enterprise software, enhancing its capabilities & achieving desired results.

    ML Algorithm Development

    Our skilled ML Engineers are experts in conducting rigorous experiments to evaluate suitable ML algorithms, tuning parameters to meet your business requirements, and developing new algorithms. Hire us for developing ML algorithms or improving and updating existing ones.

    Deep Learning Solutions

    Our Machine Learning Engineers utilize deep learning techniques to design software solutions. Our models are trained to recognize various data types, such as images and videos, understand spoken languages, and effectively overcome challenges for improved accuracy and efficiency.

    IoT Development

    To stay aligned with the trend of ML and AI in IoT development, hire our skilled ML engineers specialize in integrating ML with industrial IoT platforms, offering predictive capabilities for various industries such as smart homes, healthcare, manufacturing, and customer service. Stay ahead in the IoT landscape with our expertise in ML and AI.

    Migrating ML apps

    Enhance the performance of your existing app by integrating custom machine learning and deep learning models. Our experienced machine learning engineers can seamlessly migrate ML apps to the cloud or hybrid platform of your choice, without compromising their efficiency.

    Data Engineering

    Our skilled ML developers in data engineering unlock the full potential of your data, empowering data-driven decisions. Our data engineering service ensures smooth integration into ML models, customized to meet your business requirements.

    ML Upgrade and Maintenance

    Our team continuously monitor and resolve issues with your ML apps and software, providing timely upgrades and system migrations to keep your ML architecture running optimally. Hire our machine learning experts today.



    A set of OpenAI models that can solve complex problems with high accuracy, thanks to its advanced reasoning capabilities and broader general knowledge.


    LLaMA (Large Language Model Meta AI) is a foundational large language model designed to generate text, have conversations, summarize written material, solve math theorems or predict protein structures.

    PaLM 2

    The newest extensive language model from Google, stands out in performing intricate reasoning assignments, such as code interpretation, mathematical solutions, categorization, query responses, and translation with proficiency in multiple languages. This model highlights Google’s commitment to responsible AI, surpassing previous capabilities in natural language generation.


    Claude is a large language model (LLM) by Anthropic, trained as a virtual assistant that can be integrated with business workflows. Claude, accessible through both a chat interface and API in Anthropic’s developer console, can perform an extensive range of conversational and text-processing tasks.


    A set of OpenAI models that can solve complex problems with high accuracy, thanks to its advanced reasoning capabilities and broader general knowledge.


    A set of OpenAI models, including the highly capable and cost-effective Gpt-3.5-turbo, that improve on GPT-3 and can generate text or code.


    DALL·E by OpenAI generates realistic images and artwork based on text prompts. It can produce images of a specified size, modify pre-existing images and generate variations of user-provided images.


    Whisper is a general-purpose speech recognition OpenAI model that can perform language identification, speech translation and multilingual speech recognition.


    OpenAI’s Embeddings are numerical representations of linguistic units like words and phrases that capture the semantic meaning and relationships between them.


    Moderation models are machine learning OpenAI models designed to assist in content moderation tasks, such as identifying and removing inappropriate or harmful content from online platforms.

    Stable Diffusion

    Stable Diffusion generates detailed images from text prompts and can also be used for tasks like inpainting, outpainting, and image-to-image translations guided by text.


    Google’s Bard, powered by LaMDA, is a text-to-text generative AI chatbot designed to generate human-like responses to natural language prompts, making it capable of engaging in conversations with humans.

    ML Chatbots

    AI and ML-powered chatbots

    RedBlink Technologies, a leader in AI, ML, and NLP, creates chatbots that convert text to voice and vice versa, enhancing user engagement. Join us in the AI and ML revolution.


    AI Process Automation

    Our expert ML team offers AI process automation. Harness the potential of natural language processing, ML, and deep learning to enhance productivity and customer relationships.

    AI-Enhanced User Behavior Analysis

    For precise insights into consumer behavior, hire our expert machine-learning developers. They specialize in crafting tailored AI-driven models to understand customer needs and desires.

    Image/Video/Vision Analysis

    Our US-based ML engineers excel in transforming audio, visual, and image data for computer processing. Hire our experts to bridge the gap between computers and human understanding.


    Facial Recognition

    RedBlink Technologies offers advanced Facial Recognition solutions led by our dedicated Machine Learning developers in the USA. Utilizing AI and ML algorithms, we achieve real-time human face detection and identity verification in under 30 seconds.


    Pattern and Image Recognition

    We excel in crafting Pattern and Image Recognition models for various industries. Our expert ML engineers specialize in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Neural Networks to detect crucial anomalies. Join us to shape the future of Machine Learning.


    Recommendation Systems

    Utilize RedBlink Technologies' advanced recommendation engines to enhance user experience and drive growth in media and e-commerce. Our ML developers in the US specialize in creating systems that personalize user interactions, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.


    Robotic Process Automation

    We also offer RPA solutions, powered by our expert ML developers. Automate repetitive tasks efficiently in sectors like airlines and healthcare, showcasing the bright tomorrow of machine learning.

    Predictive Analytics

    Leverage RedBlink Technologies' predictive analytics, developed by our top US ML developers, for insightful forecasts. We use statistical and data mining techniques to transform business outcomes across various industries.

    Virtual Assistants

    With expertise in developing advanced virtual assistants, our highly skilled ML developers specialize in creating solutions for customer support, task automation, and data analysis. Seamlessly integrating into your operations, our virtual assistants are tailored to meet your specific needs.

    NLP-based Solutions

    We specialize in delivering natural language processing solutions for sentiment analysis, text classification, language translation, and content summarization. Our services cater to various industries including social media, e-commerce, and media.

    Fraud Detection Tools

    We offer ML-powered fraud detection tools that utilize advanced algorithms and real-time data analysis to quickly identify and address fraudulent activities. Our solution ensures business security, regulatory compliance, and builds trust among customers.

    AI Consulting Expertise for Various Industries

    Maximize your competitive advantage with our industry-focused services, tailored to your unique business challenges and goals.



    Real Estate









    How to Hire Machine Learning Experts in Simple Steps

    At RedBink Technologies, we understand that finding the right machine-learning talent is important yet can be a complex task. That's why we've streamlined the process to connect you with industry-best ML professionals effortlessly.

    Consultation with Our ML Experts

    Our team, with extensive experience in machine learning, will collaborate with you to understand your specific talent and project requirements.

    Personalized Talent Recommendations

    We provide a curated list of ML professionals, ensuring you get candidates who are the best fit for your needs.

    Seamless Project Integration

    The selected ML professionals can start contributing to your projects within 24 -48 hours.

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    Powering Intelligent Solutions Through AI Technology

    DL Frameworks

    Deep learning frameworks are software libraries or tools that provide an interface for developing and implementing deep learning models.


    Modules or toolkits refer to pre-built packages or sets of tools that can be used to enhance and simplify the process of building artificial intelligence applications.


    Libraries are pre-written sets of code that provide specific functionalities and can be used to enhance the capabilities of AI development projects.


    Frontend refers to the user-facing part of an AI application, including the design, layout, and UI components that users interact with.


    Backend refers to the server-side of an AI application, handling data processing, storage, and business logic.

    Python Frameworks

    Python frameworks provide a foundation for building AI applications by offering predefined structures, libraries, and tools for efficient project development and implementation.


    Cloud providers are companies that offer remote servers, storage, and other computing resources over the internet, allowing AI development projects to be deployed and scaled easily.

    • VGG-16
    • ResNet50
    • Inceptionv3
    • EfficientNet

    Image Classification Models

    Cutting-edge models that utilize AI algorithms to accurately classify and categorize images based on their content and features.

    Generative AI Models

    Advanced models capable of generating unique and creative outputs, enabling new possibilities in fields such as art, design, and content creation.

    • Generative Adversarial Networks
    • GPT3, GPT 3.5, LaMDA, Wu-Dao
    • Llama 2, Palm 2, GPT-4
    • Vicuna
    • OpenAI
    • bge-large
    • bge-base
    • e5-large
    • textembedding-gecko(Vertex AI)

    Embedding Models

    Sophisticated models that convert data into a lower-dimensional representation, preserving important relationships and enabling efficient and effective analysis.


    Powerful computational procedures integrated into AI systems to solve complex problems and facilitate learning and decision-making processes.

    • Supervised/Unsupervised Learning
    • Clustering
    • Metric Learning
    • Fewshot Learning
    • CNN
    • RNN
    • Representation Learning
    • Manifold Learning
    • Variational Autoencoders
    • Bayesian Network
    • Autoregressive Networks

    Neural Networks

    Deep learning models inspired by the structure and functionality of the human brain, capable of learning complex patterns and making predictions with high accuracy.

    Recent Work

    We specialize in Generative AI services and offer you creative solutions that bring your business ideas to life. Anything you need to make your business succeed with the power of Generative AI, we are here to help.

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    The cost to Hire Machine Learning Developers is based on a variety of factors, including the project’s scope and complexity, development platform, the number of developers needed, the number of pages, features and functions, maintenance cost and the duration of the engagement. You can hire Machine Learning engineers on hourly or monthly basis. We believe in providing transparent pricing and working closely with our clients to ensure they receive the maximum value for their investment. Contact us to get a free quote tailored to your specific needs.

    You have the flexibility to hire our Machine Learning engineers on an hourly, monthly, or project basis. Our ML developers will work remotely and will be available in your time zone, ensuring seamless collaboration and alignment with your business requirements.

    Our highly skilled and certified Machine learning developers have extensive technical knowledge to provide ML development services across various industries, businesses, and applications. Whether you need assistance with an existing project or require ML solution development or customization from scratch, our dedicated ML experts are here to help. They will adapt to your language, understand your requirements, and customize product development using flexible engagement models. Hire dedicated Machine Learning developers from RedBlink to streamline your ML projects.

    You can hire Machine Learning engineers from us who can work according to your desired time zone (EST/PST/CST/MST), deadline, and milestones. To learn more, please feel free to get in touch with us by filling out the contact form or calling us at +1(415) 779-2793.

    There are several benefits of hiring ML engineers from us:

    • Dedicated project manager
    • Technical Expertise
    • Agile methodology
    • Flexible hiring model
    • Updated with latest ML trends
    • Industry experience
    • Available as per your Time zone
    • 100% client satisfaction
    • Source code authorization

    Our Machine Learning developers are highly proficient in handling AI/ML development projects across various industries. Whether it’s FinTech, E-commerce & Retail, Healthcare, Real Estate, Education, or Logistics, our developers have the expertise to deliver exceptional results. You can rely on our team to effectively apply ML techniques and algorithms to address the specific requirements of your industry.