RedBlink Organic Traffic Growth Case Study

? Hey Friend, Starting a new website from scratch?

Here in this case study, I’m going to share with you the steps my team at RedBlink took to grow the website’s organic traffic & to generate leads. 

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RedBlink's Organic Traffic Growth Case Study

? Challenges We Faced

  • Website architecture mapping 
  • Website redesign 
  • Website revamp
  • Driving traffic to a local pages 

Steps Taken To Improve Business Online Presence & To Get ROI

SEO Strategy We Used

  • Added various CTR buttons on every page & setup goals 
  • Made changes for better CRO
  • Made our service pages /  loc pages highly optimized for better conversion 
  • Increased the velocity of blog posts which helped in increasing organic traffic

website case study examples

Website has a high growth in no of website visits, unique visitors, pages /  visit and so on.

These nos are evidence if you follow the same strategy & do the mapping of your website, you can earn very good results in a very short period


? Progress Snapshots As Per Semrush

ux case study examples

Website has 30% growth in organic traffic since we started our SEO efforts 

( position tracking of last 90 days )

search engine optimization case study

Organic Traffic Growth

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 Organic Traffic Growth
 Organic traffic (Dec 2020)   475
 Organic traffic (Nov 2022)  1,541


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Organic Keywords Growth

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 Organic Keywords Growth
 Organic Keywords (July 2020)  1,085
 Organic Keywords ( Nov 2022 )  5,901


Organic Keywords Trend

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SEO Case Study → How to Increase Organic Traffic

 Keywords Trend    
 Dec 2020 Nov 2022
 Top 3  1  39
 4-10  10  162
 11-20  36  314
 21-50  125  1,069
 51-100  177  1,319
 Total  349  2,903



Top traffic generating pages / posts

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The work on acquiring backlinks was minimal and we focused highly on On Page SEO

Case Study - How to Increase Website Traffic


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SEO case studies are a great way to learn more about search engine optimization and the specific techniques used. Search engines like Google can sometimes be seen as a black box, but with some practice, you’ll begin to understand how and why they work. These case studies help us do just that.

Search Console Performance ( last 12 months )

In last 12 months website traffic boosted as no of clicks, impressions has grown rapidly 

SEO Trends For 2023 for Successful SEO Strategy

Content strategy we implemented

without getting the content strategy right in the first place, the technical changes and outreach activities that you implement won’t be half as effective.

I should also note that so far, we’ve focused on core services that we specialize in.

Step 1: Identify The Core Topic

Step 2: Create Supporting Articles For The Chosen Topic

Step 3: Add Contextual Links From Supplementary Articles to the Main Page

By applying a similar approach, you will be able to rank for twice as many keywords!

What We Achieved

  • We managed to get higher traffic from first world countries like the USA, UK & RUS
  • Our conversions and leads increased and we have generated more leads 
  • Due to the site’s progress, website organic traffic increased & no of leads 
  • We also managed to rank in the top 3 SERPs with 51 keywords 

Other Things That are Undergoing

  • Next, We are working on adding industries based pages 
  • Working on keywords clustering to get more traffic
  • Working on CTR optimization and CRO


You might find this case study a little bit dry but I do this to take a look back at our previous work. I hope you find something worth learning from this SEO case study.   

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