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🔥 List of Ultimate Cheat Sheets For Beginer Developers 2021 2021-02-28

🔥 Ultimate Cheat Sheets Compilation For Beginner Developers

Today I wanted to share with you the Ultimate Cheat sheet Compilation. I hope aspiring/new developers will find this compilation helpful for quick reference whenever needed. This is an ultimate list of cheat sheets for developers. Recently I’ve been publishing a lot of posts related to writing clean code and improving your programming skills. I …
No Code & Low Code Development Trends 2021 2021-02-05

No Code / Low Code Development Platform Trends in 2021

Contents No Code Low Code Development Trends 2021What is NO Code Development?How Do No Code Application Platforms Work Faster?Why is No code Application Development Prevalent?User Interface BuilderVisual modeling and Re-usability IntegrationsWhat Kinds of Applications Can You Build Without Coding?Back Office ApplicationsPortals and Web ApplicationsMobile ApplicationsHow Is No Code Software Implemented In The Enterprises?No Code: A new …

How to Deploy & Install Rancher on Kubernetes Cluster – Guide

ContentsDeploy Rancher On Kubernetes ClusterWhat is a Rancher?How Rancher Is Install With Kubernetes on Cluster?Launching Kubernetes on New Nodes in an Infrastructure ProviderLaunching Kubernetes on Existing Custom NodesAdvantages &  Challenges Rancher in deploying KubernetesAdvantages:Challenges:Setting up Kubernetes Clusters in RancherPrerequisiteSetting up Rancher1. Install the Required CLI Tools2. Add the Helm Chart Repository3. Create a Namespace for …
Best Nocode Development Platforms & Tools List 2021 2020-12-18

20 Best Nocode Development Platforms & Tools List 2021

In the millennium age where the demand for software is exponentially exceeding the coding supply available, no code development is emerging as a new coding technique in organizations. Here in this post we have covered a curated list of top no-code tools and development platforms.  These are the popular no code platforms & tools that …
Install Kubernetes on a Bare Metal Server 2020-11-21

How to Deploy & Install Kubernetes on Bare Metal Server – Guide

Deploying Kubernetes on Bare Metal Server Kubernetes orchestrates computing, networking, and storage infrastructure provides workloads that can be used for the storage purpose. Since 2014, Kubernetes has become an attraction for the users that have large volumes to store. It is preferred for the four main reasons:
Marketing Productivity Tools 2020-10-18

56 Marketing Tools + Resources To Increase Your Productivity

Productivity is always the outcome of a commitment to strategic planning, dependable efforts, and logical planning. Of late, businesses around the world have witnessed an upsurge in productivity and collaboration. The key reason behind this is easy access to Productivity Tools for Sales & Marketing Professionals . With the help of these tools, it is …
Roadmap For Android Mobile App Development 2020-09-11

Android Mobile App Development Roadmap 2020

ContentsAndroid Mobile App Development RoadmapTop Android App Development ChallengesIdea and Target AudienceMarket ResearchTeam Building and ResourcesRestricted BudgetWhat is required for Android App Development?Roadmap for Android App DevelopmentChoosing the Right Environment:Pick up the languageAndroid SDKEclipseADT Plugin for EclipseAndroid SDK packages Android Mobile App Development Roadmap Mobile apps are facing a slow down like other businesses. But …

Redblink’s Digital Adoption During Covid-19 and Beyond

Coronavirus – COVID-19 is a global health crisis whose scale and speed have been unprecedented in mankind’s history. Like other tech companies, we at RedBlink Technologies, are striving hard and taking well-planned actions to protect our people and ensure business continuity.
Deploying Dynamic NFS Provisioning in Kubernetes 2020-08-20

How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Setup‌ Dynamic‌ ‌NFS‌ ‌Provisioning‌ ‌Server‌ ‌For‌ ‌Kubernetes?‌

Kubernetes K8s Intro Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating computer application deployment, scaling, and management. It was originally designed by Google and is now maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Note: Kubernetes is not a containerization platform. It is a multi-container management solution.
LinkedIn Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business ... 2020-06-17

Linkedin Marketing Tips For Getting 10X higher traction

Getting 10X higher traction on LinkedIn, all comes down to being a good guest! Imagine you were invited to a business function — for free — and all your ideal clients were also in the room. ​(Hint: this is LinkedIn).
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