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If you know how to use product placement or influencer marketing to get your name in front of people, great, you’re a brand coach. Just like that, exposure isn’t the end of the road. You still need a SEO friendly content plan for ongoing social engagement, to give yourself that elusive goal of “sustainable growth.”

With an account, content, and following size, you can market your products and services more effectively.

You will find that people searching for a product or service may have a limited amount of time to search for it. That’s because the value proposition of those products and services add value to people’s lives.

They give them more purpose.

If you can directly add value to that search, by promoting that product or service or sharing that piece of content, you’ll be giving them more value than you realize.

Luckily, for both of those situations, social media may be an answer, especially the Twitter SEO. Most people won’t pay you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t win. Every time you publish content, you’ll generate social proof, which can push back content you already created to the top of the Discover pile.

You can share and repeat the content to build your presence. That’s how you set yourself up for organic search visibility. The monthly Unique Visitors metric shows you just how much traffic your site brings in, and it’s only for the long run.

Is it simple? Wrong!

If you break down the process into pieces, you can easily achieve the same results and knowledge. This is because using Twitter to get topic ideas isn’t that tough. Some simple tricks and you can earn the results you want .

After reading and implementing this post you’ll  get to know how to use Twitter to grow a better brand or to generate content ideas, here’s how to turn your above average Twitter account to a  Twitter SEO strategy tool.

Don’t be afraid to start a blog

You should start a blog if you want to master SEO. Blogging is one of the best ways to create a community around your brand. Google loves blogs as they are regularly updated with fresh content. Start a blog and the sales will surely follow!

If you’re clueless about how Twitter can help you with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) this article will help. Twitter is a social media platform that allows people to connect and share information. It’s also a great way to improve your SEO strategy.

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If you want to make Twitter work for your business then you’ll need to use it a little differently than the other social networks. Twitter isn’t the best place for keyword and hashtag heavy, link-filled content. The idea is to use Twitter as an organic search engine in real-time where users are looking for answers to questions they have right now.

People also ask

How To Use Twitter to Boost Your Brand

How to Use Twitter to Increase Search Rankings

How to Use Twitter for SEO to Grow Your Business

How to Use Twitter to Increase Your Google Search Visibility

Why the Best SEO Game Plan Strategies Include Twitter SEO

Use Twitter to Increase Your Google Search Visibility

You’re not using one of Twitter’s killer features for growth. You need a Twitter SEO strategy. Here are 7 steps to grow using Topics:

twitter seo - how to use twitter to boost your brand

Step 1: Treat Topics like Twitter SEO

How-to: Go through the list of Twitter Topics and treat it like keyword research. What do you want to be known for? What topic can you create valuable content around?

twitter seo tips - how to use twitter to increase your google search visibility

Step 2: Identify 5 topics as your main keywords

How-to: Pick only 5 right now. You’ll go all-in on creating daily content around these topics. You don’t have to use the exact keyword of the topic every day, but the general topic needs to be in your wheelhouse.

why the best seo game plan strategies include twitter seo

Step 3: Find patterns from topic trenders

How-to: Set aside 15-30 mins daily to study tweets in your selected topics. Identify formats and topics that garner great engagement. Try to find out why. Use this as fuel for your own content ideas.

Do NOT post valueless tweets.

does twitter affect seo

Step 4: Fill out content calendar for 1 week

How-to: Using the data and patterns you’ve collected from research, write out enough content to fill a week. I recommend starting at 1 post per topic per day. Don’t just tweet clickbait.

Publish and begin collecting engagement data.

how to use Twitter to dominate the Google search results

Step 5: Analyze results — what works, what flops

How-to: Conduct a weekly post mortem for your topic tweets. How many tweets trended for a topic? Was your engagement better or worse than usual?

Make plans to improve writing and format for next week.

Ways to Use Twitter to Increase Search Rankings

Step 6: Double down on topics you trend in easily

How-to: Identify the topics where you seem to always be trending. Double down on these (while ensuring you can consistently make valuable content around them.) Tweet in them twice as often.

Ditch non-performing topics.

increase your search visibility with twitter seo tips

Step 7: Repeat steps 4 – 8 weekly

How-to: The goal is to always be improving your writing and formatting for topic tweets. If you can document your learnings, you can improve 5% per week.

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That compounds SO much over time.

twitter marketing for local businesses - local seo

Quick Recap:

Treat Topics like Twitter SEO

Identify 5 topics as your main keywords

Find patterns from topic trenders

Fill out content calendar for 1 week

Analyze results — what works, what flops

Double down on topics you trend in easily

Repeat weekly

This will help you build a long-term, loyal audience that’s super engaged with your brand by creating SEO friendly content.

Social media can be a great way to connect with an audience, but many businesses are still unsure about how to make the most of these platforms.

Twitter is an amazing way to build your brand and grow your business. With over 300 million active users, Twitter has some serious potential to boost your business.

According to a recent Twitter survey, people on Twitter want to focus on themselves this summer –

Here’s a list of the trending subtopics within the summer conversation:

Movies (up 243%)

Sports (up 79%)

BBQ + Grilling (up 71%)

Fashion + Beauty (up 54%)

Cocktails + Beer (up 46%)

Travel (up 26%)

If this isn’t your business niche, doesn’t matter. Search for the trending topics that are related to your business niche and plan out your SEO content strategy. When you know what keywords to target for your business, you can also curate the content that boosts your website traffic.

FAQs about Twitter SEO – Twitter for Business

These are some random questions answered by the experts in the online marketing industry. This will help you make your mind, why you should opt Twitter for Business –

Q1. What makes Twitter unique and different from other social media platforms, in regards to using it for business purposes?

Twitter provides an incredible opportunity to engage with countless people who share your interests. This makes it an ideal platform for connection.

It’s realtime, it’s authentic, you “choose” what you see, it’s a resource, a business productivity tool, a news channel, and best of all – a “Search Engine” – use it to FIND value, rather than just shout stuff to the masses.


Q2. What are the most overlooked Twitter features and how do you use them to grow your Twitter presence?

Twitter features that not enough people take advantage of:
✅ Search (and advanced search)
✅ Geolocation features
✅ Tagging in Photos
✅ Lists (private and public)
✅ Gifs (to bring tweets to life)
✅ Did I mention Search?…


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Q3. What brands/companies are nailing it on Twitter? What lessons can other businesses learn from them?

– @Wendys
– @Oreo
– @WineFolly
– @away
– @TheEllenShow
– @semrush ?
I’m all for brands throwing out jokes and punchlines towards their competitors. @Wendys and @tacobell do this very well. It’s been done so well, there are compilation articles and videos about their ‘best tweets’. Businesses can copy their fearless/casual approach

Twitter for SEO - How To Use Twitter to Boost Your Brand

SEO is the art and science of leveraging search engines to increase visibility and maximize business impact. Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, Twitter SEO tips can help improve your online presence.


Twitter is one of the most important social networking tools ever created. It is a powerful platform because it allows you to reach customers directly in real time. If you’re not using Twitter to plan out content strategy, you might need to rethink.
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