Python Developer Roadmap 2024


Even though it is 2024, many of us still can’t get enough of Python as the best programming language. It is the most common language that helps in web development, web scraping, data science, and much more. The Python developer roadmap blog post is a guide for developers who want to kick start their Python careers.

Are you looking forward to making your career Python Developer? The Ultimate Python Developer Roadmap provides an in-depth overview of learning Python and mastering the basics while starting out as a beginner or someone with experience using the language.

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Introduction – How To Become a Python Developer?

The best way to become a Python developer is by learning how to program using another programming language. Once you know how to program using another programming language, it will be easier for you to learn how to program with Python. By learning how to program using another programming language, it will help you learn how to program with Python because most of its syntax is similar across various programming languages.

Python is a general-purpose programming language that is often used to develop web applications. It is also used by companies such as Google, IBM and NASA. Python can be used in different fields like business, science and more. The following are some of the ways you can become a Python developer:

1. Get a degree in computer science or software development.

2. Visit PyCon conferences around the world to learn about new developments in Python.

3. Develop your skills by attending workshops and courses offered by tech companies or universities.

4. Join open source projects on GitHub that involve developing code for other people’s projects

Python Basics Foundation

Starting a basic Python foundation course will be a better option if you are not aware of Python Programming or you are a newcomer in this field. Majorly It should have all the content related to fundamental programming in Python, Handling Exception, Functions for calling & writing.

Developer: Python Software Foundation – Wikipedia
First appeared: 20 February 1991; 31 years ago
OS: Windows, macOS, Linux/UNIX, Android and more
Designed by: Guido van Rossum
Stable release: 3.10.6 / 2 August 2022; 32 days ago
Filename extensions: .py,.pyi,.pyc,.pyd,.pyw,.pyz (since 3.5),.pyo (prior to 3.5)

Command Prompt + Github

A Python work process format is accessible on GitHub that should fit with most Python projects. In addition, you can see the Python work process model for additional subtleties. Associate the format to your storehouse’s .github/work processes index to begin rapidly. 

Themes To Learn In GitHub 

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    Fundamental Bash Commands 

    Git Basics 

    GitHub Basics 

    Source Control 

Advanced Core Python 

Advance Core Python Development
Turning into a specialist in any fieldsets aside time, involved insight, and exertion. Moreover, you will require a great deal of training to get mastery in any writing computer programs language’s high-level components. 

What To Learn In Advanced Python: 




    Useful Programming 

     Lambda Functions 

Most Used Python Libraries 

A Python library is a reusable code bit that you can use in your projects a lot. Rather than C++ or C, Python libraries are not attached to a specific setting. To be sure, a ‘library’ is a free term that alludes to a bunch of center modules. 

There are more than 137,000 Python libraries. Notwithstanding it, a few Python libraries help you assemble AI, information science, information representation, picture and information control, and different applications.

Must-Try Python Libraries:






Web Scraping Technique

Web scraping is an idea that alludes to the way toward gathering and handling huge information from the web utilizing programming or calculation. Absolutely, scratching information from the web is a significant ability to have in case you’re an information researcher, developer, or somebody who examinations tremendous amounts of information. 

Python is a successful web scrapping programming language. Essentially, you don’t have to learn muddled codes in case you’re a Python master who can do numerous information creeping or web-scratching undertakings. Notwithstanding, the three most notable and usually utilized Python systems are Requests, Scrappy, and BeautifulSoup. 

Web Development: Using Python Language

Python is the most notable programming advancement language in the tech business because of its productivity and execution. Utilizing Python for web advancement has a few advantages that are helpful to the two engineers and business people. It accepts the most recent web application patterns, including Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), coordinated activities, and other amazing elements. With regards to Python web improvement, its astounding web systems take the place like Django, Flask, and others. 

Most famed Python Web Frameworks 






Python is a prearranged language since it utilizes a mediator to interpret and run its code. Also, a Python content can be an order that runs in Rhino, or it very well may be an assortment of capacities that you can import as a library of capacities in different contents. 

In web applications, specialists use Python as a “prearranging language.” Because it can computerize a particular arrangement of assignments and further develop execution. Accordingly, designers lean toward Python for building programming applications, internet browser destinations, working framework shells, and a few games. 

Python Scripting Tools You Can Implement Easily:

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   DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, Gradle, and so on 

   Framework Admin 

Ethical Hacking With Python

Ethical hacking is the way toward utilizing complex instruments and strategies to recognize potential dangers and weaknesses in a PC organization. Python, quite possibly the most well-known programming dialect because of its huge number of instruments and libraries, is additionally utilized for moral hacking. 

It is so generally utilized by programmers that there are plenty of various assault vectors to consider. Additionally, it just takes little coding information, simplifying it to compose content. 

Tools  For Python Hacking 

   SQL infusion 

   Meeting seizing 

   Man in the Middle 

   Systems administration 

   IP Adress 


Artificial Intelligence /Data Science 

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Shrewd engineers consistently lean toward Python for AI because of its countless advantages. Python’s creative libraries are one of the primary motivations to pick Python for ML or profound learning. Additionally, Python’s information taking care of limits is extraordinary notwithstanding its speed. 

Being exceptionally strong in ML and AI, Python is presently getting more foothold from different enterprises like travel, Fintech, transportation, and medical services. 

Tools You Can Use For Python Machine Learning: 







Python is a programming language that has acquired prominence and is sought after. Additionally, Python engineers’ interest has soar today, requiring information science with Python preparation. Thus, on the off chance that you have the chance to participate in element-related graphs and appreciate experience altogether, this work makes you fortunate in this field of programming. 

To close, this Python designer guide empowers an engineer to prevail in Python programming on the off chance that you achieve the information and an essential comprehension of the field.

FAQs about Python Developer Roadmap 2024

Q1. What is the best way for an easy quick-start in Computer Science and  Python Development?

James Luxur

I really like MIT Introduction to Computer Science and Python. There is an older version of the course with Professor John Guttag that I prefer because of his mannerisms and teaching styles, but the newer one is equally as good.

MIT 6.00SC Introduction to Computer Science and Python 2011 110

MIT 6.001 Intro To Computer Science and Python Fall 2016 39


I recommend Python for Everybody from the University of Michigan. Lecture videos, auto-graded assignments, etc are all available for free at 

Q2. Why Python is so popular and what are the benefits of using Python?

Jain Sanchit

It is the easiest language to learn these days and Coding Ninjas makes it easier, also a lot of students are going towards it for their future career and a better way ahead. I too was interested in it after my first year of engineering and wanted to learn it and be a programmer using Python.

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Q3. What is the advantage of using a namespace in Python programming?

Peter Lawrey

It is very common to reuse the same name in different libraries. e.g. in Java, there are multiple libraries with an Object, String, Array, List, Queue, Map, Set, Error class/interface.

Without namespaces (or packages) you would have no way to use these libraries together and to distinguish which one you were referring to.

Q4. How do you convert a number to a string, using Python?

Bastien Léonard

Conversion to a string is done with the builtin function, which basically calls the __str__() method of its parameter.


For someone who wants to convert int to string in specific digits, the below method is recommended.

 month = "{0:04d}".format(localtime[1])

In Conclusion

Python is a great first language as if it’s your second, third, or nth language. Its learning curve is less harsh than others, it has thousands of libraries that allow us to do what we propose in a few lines of code. It allows you to evolve quickly, in addition to delving into more complex tasks, as you gain fluency.

Obviously recommending a programming language is complicated. It depends on many factors such as the user that you are going to give it to. Nor is it the same to recommend a language to someone who is just starting to program as to another programmer with extensive experience in various programming languages.

As we said above: this is not a language war but due to the current momentum of Python, you should hire RedBlink’s team of experts in Python, since it may be the language that helps you in your next project.

Nowadays, data suggests low-code/no-code tools are actually opening doors for such non-developers. 60% to 70% of companies said non-developers in their company already build tools for internal business use, and nearly 70% – 80% predict to see more of this trend in 2024.