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To put it simply, a “NoFollow” link (as opposed to the “classic” link, often called “DoFollow”) is a link that is useless for natural referencing. A NoFollow link does not bring “notoriety” (= “link juice” / ex Page Rank) to the page to which it points, it does not help to optimize its positioning.

According to Google, the NO FOLLOW link is a link that will not be followed by the Google robot:

“As a rule, Google does not follow these links. In other words, we do not transfer PageRank or anchor text through these links.

Google recommends setting up this type of link for 3 reasons:

  • the links refer to pages deemed “unreliable” … (such as links left by visitors in the comments of a blog or forum)
  • on paid links
  • set crawling priorities to avoid indexing an internal page of your site.

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