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Content Spinning - SEO Glossary

Content spinning or Article spinning is a practice that aims, in a technical way, to create texts from an original text using software. Indeed, content spinning is used in SEO because it allows you to quickly create content, and avoid duplicate content problems through the use of words and expressions that are somehow synonymous.

Taking the example:

  • The text “ This car is the fastest and most comfortable on the market. In addition, its price defies all competition. »
  • Which becomes with spinning software: “ {This car|This sedan} is the {fastest|powerful|efficient} and most {comfortable|luxurious} {on the market|in its class}. In addition, its price {defies all competition|is very accessible|is very reasonable}. “.

From there, we can have sentences such as:

  • “ This sedan is the most efficient and comfortable in its class. In addition, its price is very affordable. »
  • “ This car is the most powerful and the most luxurious in its class. In addition, its price defies all competition. »

This method, therefore, seems very economical in terms of time, but Google considers content spinning as spam, which could therefore harm your SEO if you do not know how to use this practice well.

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