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Duplicate Content - SEO Glossary

Duplicate content is a particularly important concept in terms of SEO.  Google says, “ Duplicate content generally means large blocks of content, belonging to the same domain or spread across multiple domains, that are identical or substantially similar. “.

Although duplicate content does not generally generate a direct sanction from Google, the SEO or visibility of your page may be impacted.

Indeed, Google intends to offer users separate information in order to be as complete as possible. For this, it strives not to offer identical content by favoring the original version to the detriment of duplicate versions.

But in the event that Google deems that you are using duplicate content to manipulate rankings in its engines, your website may be ” permanently removed from the Google index, in which case it will no longer show up in search results.”. The same resource from Google tells you some best practices to follow to solve the duplicate content problem.

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