Canonical Tag

Canonical Tag

Designed by Google, Bing and Yahoo in 2009, the canonical tag somehow avoids the problem of duplicate content. Indeed, this indicates that a web page has the same content as another web page.

canonical_tags_help_bots - SEO Glossary

For this, this tag includes the link of the original page which is called canonical and is in the form. 

Note that it is very important to use the canonical tag since Google believes that: ” If you do not explicitly tell Google which URL is canonical, Google will choose the canonical page for you or consider all similar pages equal: this could lead to unwanted behavior…. “. This can negatively impact your SEO.

In addition, the use of canonical tags allows you, among other things, to:

  • Manage syndicated content;
  • Define the URL you want to be displayed in search results;
  • Group link indicators for similar or duplicate pages;
  • Simplify the tracking of statistics for a single product/topic;
  • Etc…

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