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Featured Snippets - SEO Glossary

Also known as “position 0” or featured snippet according to Google, the featured snippet is a feature that allows Google to display a direct response to a query without the user having to click on a link. This is a brief overview that Google usually shows when it deems the answer relevant, the user can then click on the link to get a lot more information.

Featured snippets are in the form of a text box located above the results and are sometimes accompanied by an image, this is a privileged position to increase your visibility.

When asked how to display an optimized excerpt from its page, Google indicates that: “ This is not possible. Google’s systems determine whether a page is eligible for a featured snippet based on a user’s search query and, if so, select it. “. That said, there are practices that will allow you to optimize your content to show up in feature snippets.

Note, however, that Google does not display certain content as a featured snippet, these are the contents:

  • Sexually explicit;
  • Inciting hatred;
  • Violent and dangerous;
  • Etc…

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