Kotlin Android Developer Roadmap

Kotlin is an open-source, statically typed “pragmatic” programming language designed to work for the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and Android.

It is a featured language focused to provide interoperability, safety, clarity, and tooling support. Since its inception in 2010, developed at IntelliJ IDEA has been originated by JetBrains.

How to become Kotlin Developer

Looking at the versatility of the language and its use in developing Android Apps, it is vital to learn the language. As Google has recognized the language as one of the best Android App development languages, starting a career as a kotlin App developer will offer many opportunities and career growth to programmers.

If you are already working as a Java programmer, switching over will be easier as the language is much like Java. Get a detailed look and how you can get started to learn this language . Let’s take a closer look:

What is kotlin and why is it used in App development?

It is cross-platform, modern, and concise, much like Java language developed for app development. Its features and tool support help in creating UX/UI-friendly apps.

Developed by JetBrains, the language fully support the app development environment and is compatible with other app programming languages.

The programming language  is expressive, type-safe, and null-safe for Android App Development. The language perfectly blends with Java which increases its popularity. Right now, Kotlin 1.7.20/21(bug fix release) is the latest version offering various advantages over other android app development languages such as Java, Dart, Corona, and C# .

 Advantages of Kotlin:

  • Secure and concise code with easy debugging
  • Modern, faster, safe, and Interoperability with Java
  • Compiler efficient with easy-to-maintain functionality
  • Boosts developer productivity with less complicated code
  • Supports multi-platform development

 All these advantages recognize this Java like language as the developer’s number#1 choice for Android App Development.

How to start your career as a Kotlin App Developer?

The app development language is a beginner-friendly language, and beginners find it easy to start learning by themselves. If you know Python or Java then it is an added advantage to learn it quickly.

Anyway, to start with, you must consider the following prerequisites to learn it efficiently:

  • Basic knowledge of programming languages, their working, and functionality.
  • Ability to understand the app development environment
  • Familiarity with Android and iOS (for mobile app development).
  • A basic understanding of web development, especially database knowledge is required.

Now, if you are ready to move forward with your endeavor of learning it, the next buzz is to start learning IDEs so that you can conveniently start with real-time app development.

In general,  while working with app development, IDE provides a source-code editor offering a better option with a debugger and a compiler It has various advanced features, such as syntax highlighting, auto code completion, and code refactoring. IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse IDE, and Coding Rooms are three common the most common IDEs used

What are certifications and other courses for Kotlin Developers?

As you talk about the certification courses, Google offers an Associate Android Developer Certification. By earning this certification, hiring managers and recruiters can be confident that you have the Kotlin skills they need to build Android apps. The cost of this certification is $149.

In addition, on JetBrains website, you can find a list of teaching partners such as Big Nerd Ranch. However, there are good online resources to follow to learn Kotlin from scratch. Here are some of them mentioned-below

Apart from this, you can learn by watching YouTube videos and following the free online tutorials;

Kotlin Developer Salary Structure, scope, and responsibilities

The salary structure of Kotlin developers depends on the level of expertise, country, and other programming skills  However, the starting salary of a Kotlin Android App Developer is around $107,250 a year or $8938 a month.

The highest- salary is approx. $160,000 a year or $13,333 a month or higher than that depending on expertise level. However, to check the latest salary structure, you visit some the websites like glassdoor, PayScale, and Talent.com

Job Responsibilities of an Android App Developer

Job responsibilities vary from company to company and the position acquired in the company. The main responsibility of an app developer is to deliver the best coding for Android Apps. However, the developers have to closely work with the designer and database administrators.

Some of the expected responsibilities include:

  • Understand requirements and translate designs and wireframes into code for android app development.
  • Coordinating with the design and test teams to improve apps quality
  • Efficient to work with APIs and data sources as per the requirements
  • Help maintain code quality, reusability, and continuous code evaluation
  • Collaborate with the team members to plan, develop, and ship new features
  • Implement security measures to build secure and standard apps
  • Efficiently handle the database integration module for the apps developed

Top Companies Hiring Kotlin Developers

All Android App Development Companies hire Kotlin developers. Some of the companies recruiting on regular basis are

  • DigiTrends : Full Stack Digital Product Development Company.
  • Netguru : Building digital solutions for world changers. 
  • Orange soft : We build mobile & web apps that people love. 
  • Vincit : Software Development, Design & Marketing Services.

In addition, you can register yourself on the job portals specifying the region, country, and skills to get a higher-paying job. Another piece of advice to you is to keep updating your skills by developing better apps. Looking at the other apps developed using Kotlin will also help you.

Also, you can start your career with a trainee position in a company like RedBlink where you can work on app development and can learn the language under the guidance of a skilled team. This will save you time and effort. Additionally, you will take experience working in a real-time environment. You will get to know the other traits required to develop while working with a team.

Get started to become a Kotlin developer!

Now, Let’s go forth and conquer Android by learning all about the powerful programming language !!! You will be surprised to know that apps like Chat Messenger, Music players, Games, Calculators, etc. are developed using this new app development language.

It is called the perfect language supporting all the features of Android app development. The knowledge shared above is valuable to start your career as a kotlin app developer. Now, it’s up to you to carry forward with your objectives and preferences. All we have to say is – to focus on learning, practicing, understanding, and integrating concepts to develop an attractive portfolio as an outstanding Android App Developer!