Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate - SEO Glossary

The bounce rate is the proportion of visitors to a website who leave without having visited another page apart from the one they consulted. This rate varies according to several factors including:

Poor quality content;

  • A stuffy layout;
  • A page that took too long to load;
  • A lack of call to action;
  • Visitor dissatisfaction due to poor targeting;
  • Etc…

Generally, there is a bounce when the visitor has:

  • Typed a new URL;
  • Clicked on an external link;
  • Closed the tab or window;
  • Clicked “Back” in their browser and exited the site;
  • Etc…

However, it can also mean that users found what they were looking for immediately. If your website is used, for example, to provide the time, visitors will not need to go further in their search.

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