Topic Cluster

Topic Cluster

Clustering - SEO Glossary

A topic cluster is a strategic approach to content marketing that focuses on creating a comprehensive network of related content around a central, overarching topic. This method helps improve site architecture and enhances the relevance and authority of a website in search engine results.

Structure of a Topic Cluster

The structure of a topic cluster includes:

  1. Pillar Content: This is a comprehensive piece of content that broadly covers a main topic or theme. The pillar content acts as the central hub or “pillar” for a specific topic. It is typically a long-form piece that provides a thorough overview of the topic.
  2. Cluster Content: These are pieces of content that address specific, related subtopics or questions within the main topic. Each cluster content piece is linked back to the pillar content, and ideally, each one focuses on a particular keyword related to the main topic.
  3. Hyperlinks: There is a deliberate and strategic use of internal linking between the pillar and the cluster content. This not only helps users navigate between related content easily but also allows search engines to crawl the site’s content more effectively, understanding the semantic relationship between the pages.

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