Entity SEO

Entity SEO

What is Entity SEO - SEO Glossary

Entity SEO is about informing search engines of the significant ‘entities’ (or things) on your site, like people, places, or ideas (nouns), and their connections.

It goes beyond keywords to ensure search engines grasp your topic’s main concept and the semantic links among them. This approach improves your site’s visibility in search results when people search for those entities.

Here’s an example of Entity SEO and how it works

Consider a restaurant’s website optimizing for the entity “Italian Cuisine.” Instead of merely focusing on keywords like “Italian restaurant” or “pasta,” Entity SEO would ensure that “Italian Cuisine” is recognized as a cultural cooking style, linked with related entities like “pasta,” “Rome,” and “Mediterranean diet.”

By clarifying these connections and emphasizing the restaurant’s offerings within the broader context of Italian culinary traditions, search engines can more accurately match the website with users’ search intents related to Italian dining experiences.

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