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According to definitions-SEO: ” Clustering, in the field of information retrieval, designates above all two things: on the one hand, the fact for the engines to arrange a site or a web page in “clusters” (thematic) different: sports, politics, e-commerce, etc. And on the other hand, the fact of limiting in their SERP the number of links for the same website. “.

This definition, therefore, indicates that the term Clustering can be used to designate two different procedures at the level of search engines. The first concerns the categorization of a web page, a website… in a specific theme. This implies a page can be compartmentalized into multiple clusters.

The second procedure concerns the limitation of the number of links per website in the search results. Indeed, Google already applies its diversity policy in search results by limiting the number of links per website to only two. However, this number may vary depending on the requests.

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