Top 10 AI SEO & Content Tools In 2022 (1)

Top 10 AI Based SEO & Content Generator Tools List In 2022

Top 10 AI SEO & Content Tools In 2022

It’s exciting to see how SEO, NLP, and AI will evolve together in 2022. Modern websites are ranked by search engines based on the quality and uniqueness of the content. The content recognition of websites depends on the AI-based algorithms 

In this article, we will read about How AI Algorithms are changing SEO & Content Optimisation. These algorithms are getting smarter day by day. Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, Link Building Tactics  & Content Tools in SEO are becoming the next crawling power of search engines. From Understanding the nature of Keywords to keywords relation with SERP  they are covering it all.

If you aim to have a top-ranking site, you need to catch the working of these algorithms and the frequent changes happening in the search engine working.

 To dominate the ranking, you need to implement automated tools so that you can make rapid changes in content and re-work SEO. Also, Do You Know How to use Twitter to Rank High In Google?

Natural language processing (NLP)  and other AI tools can optimize website content. With this, you can expect top search rankings and stay there for a long time.

This post aims to provide you with a preview of the AI-Based Content & SEO Tools prevalent in 2022.

Why Use AI-Powered Content Optimization and SEO Tools?

Content creation and SEO practices revolve around NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques. NLP works in three stages: recognizing text, understanding text, and generating text.

Recognition – The process starts by knowing the length of the text. An NLP converts text into a number so that computers can understand them.

Understanding – Converted text in numbers undergoes statistical analysis to discover the most frequently used words in the concerned context.

Generation: The NLP tools try to understand the Keywords, questions, text, and other content related to a specific topic. 

Now a writer’s job is to wrap the text around the results produced by the NLP tool. The automated AI tools help to create appropriate content. 

The accuracy level and keyword matching selection of phrases will directly affect the SEO ranking.

 Now the content matching with NLP search results will not only save time but also help you create better content specific to the topic.  The writer must understand the working of search engines in terms of content generation.

How to Supercharge SEO With AI &Machine Learning?

AI-Based SEO Optimization helps you rank high leaving the guesswork behind! 

As AI and NLP are rapidly updating their methods, other SEO-related work is also important. Some of the SEO tasks such as inserting H1 and image alt tags into HTML code, building backlinks via guest posts, and doing email outreach to other AI-powered content editors do require attention. 

Here are the reasons why you should be using AI-based SEO tools.

👉 Dissect Competitor SEO Strategy

👉 Save Time and Money on Manual SEO Audits

👉 Find High-Converting Keywords for Content & Content Marketing

👉 Track SEO Progress & KPIs

👉 Visualize & Conceptualize Data

Several AI-based SEO tools like SEOSurfer, Google Analytics SEMrush, and other help you choose the best optimization strategies. However, as it is said, Content is King”, here, we are focussing on generating high-quality content. A writer must always remember, “Google supports only that content that contains a value and is unique.”

 What Are The Features Of An Ideal Copywriting Software?

An ideal AI tool would track progress made in a user’s writing and provide helpful tips and tricks to improve the content. Further, the automated tool offers a variety of ways to improve the quality of content.

The following is a list of some essential characteristics your choice of AI-based content writing tool should have.


  • 👉A content generation tool must be able to create excellent quality content and be easily controlled. The GPT-3 writing model is currently the best technology on the market for copywriting tools powered by artificial intelligence.


  • 👉It must also be able to create multiple copies of a single piece of content and avoid grammar errors. It should match or supersede the quality of content written by a human. Not to forget, the content should be perfectly readable.


  • 👉It should be able to create multiple copies of a single piece of content so that you don’t face any duplicate issues.


  • 👉It should also avoid grammar errors in the generated content. There is no need to spend time checking the grammatical accuracy and proofreading the content. The software must have the ability to do it automatically.


  • 👉A well-designed application must also be able to create content faster. Additionally, content should be generated by the software with a minimum amount of manual effort.


  • 👉The software and content should be operated with complete control by you. It should also be easy for you to use without requiring any technical knowledge.


  • 👉Pricing plans must be flexible and affordable for the tool not to burden your budget.


  • 👉A good customer rating and review are a must for the software.

These points will really help you analyze various available tools and help to choose the best content writing cost-effective tool.

 Popular AI Content and SEO Tools in 2022

 The purpose of content creation is not only branding but educating the readers about the new innovations. Now generating content that is SEO and user friendly. Now, the question arises, how to generate optimized content?

 The AI-based content tools are the answer for it. These tools define entities, correct grammar mistakes, do keyword optimization, help create plagiarism and error-free content.

With the aim to help the writers, here top 10 Ai based content and SEO tools are discussed:

  1. Copysmith

Best AI Content tool Copysmith.

Copysmith is an AI-based content tool developed using GPT-3 to write product descriptions. The tool is developed by a team of copywriters, marketing experts, and AI researchers from the world’s top IT organizations.

Copysmith supports writers to write quality content in a speedy manner. To check the working of the tool in detail, you can download the free trial. However, you can get 35% off on starting with a Pro version on black Friday.


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Easy to use

Speedy optimized content generation


Most of the feature is available in the Pro version

Require exact keyword research otherwise, the results are not displayed.

  1. Writersonic

Top 100 AI based Content Tools.

 The tools help to create simple yet effective SEO-optimized content. The content generated using the tool is updated with the keywords research. The tool helps you write content for websites, landing pages, blogs, and articles.


Help you write meta descriptions, social media ads, and headers

You can edit, copy, share and launch your generated copy of the content.


You need to learn to use the tool to create effective content

The free version is only for a limited time.

  1. Jarvis

List of SEO AI Content tools.

If you want to automate the process of content writing and make it SEO-friendly, Jarvis is one of the best tools.

 The tool works not just for articles but also for social media posts, marketing copy, and more. In addition, Jarvis supports more than 25 international languages.


Fast and automated content generation

Affordable AI-based content generation tool


 No long-form content with the starter plan

Requires you to pay extra for each additional user

No free tier or trial

  1. Inlinks

Inlinks helps you generate entity-based content that is fully optimized as per the SEO requirements. It helps to top-rank your content in search engines.

The semantically related ideas from the Google knowledge graph help you analyze content on various parameters.

By scouring any common words and phrases, Inlinks automatically identifies related entities. 


Easy to use content tool

Optimized results and helps in creating a high-quality content


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The free version is only for a short period. 

Paid plans are costly

One needs to learn using the tool otherwise the results will be off-topic

  1. MarketMuse

AI powered SEO Content Tools in 2022.

MarketMuse is one of the best SEO automation tools but one of the most expansive tools.  out there, however, it’s also one of the most expensive ones. However, MarketMuse offers a free tier that you can use for as long as you want without taking a paid plan.

 Keyword generation and search optimization help you generate top-quality content. The content editor tool helps to do the right keyword insertion so that the content can have high SERP.


Good keyword suggestions

Lots of useful features

Generous free tier


Mostly aimed at enterprises and marketers

Paid plans are very expensive

  1. PostPace

Free AI SEO Content Tools.

Postpace automates keyword research and optimization processes. The results obtained from the search engines providing information on the high-ranked websites are useful. Postpace works by generating a report on the keyword. It creates a content brief defining the entities. The whole content generation process improves the quality of the content. Thus we can say, Postpace is a good AI hand for bloggers, writers, and SEO executives.


Result Driven SEO and content generation tool

User-friendly, high-quality tool

Free version available 


A paid subscription is costly

Elaborated results-driven tool which is not required always

Complex for beginners

  1. TextRazor

TOP AI based Content optimisation tools.

The tool helps to extract the entities and keywords for a specific topicTextRazor offers a complete cloud or self-hosted text analysis. Natural language processing techniques are used. This helps in creating unique and SEO content that can rank on the search engines.


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Advanced content generation tool with API

Free version available for a short time


Knowledge of content optimization is required to use the tool

Advanced features is not available for the free version

  1. Neural text

Artificial intelligence seo content tools.

Neural Text is a helpful tool to provide the entities and keyword research on a specific topic. The web references with the specification of H1, H2 tags help you quickly generate SEO-friendly content. The created copy of the content is unique and understandable by a common user. Professional content writers use this tool to find out new innovations in creating blogs and articles. The web search is based on the organic search 


Powered by GPT-3 from OpenAI

 Helps write useful and informative content in a user-friendly manner

Powered by GPT-3 from OpenAI

Available in 25 languages


The free version is available for a small-time

Sometimes the search shows irrelevant results.

  1. Frase

Free seo content AI Tools.

Frase is described as an AI-powered SEO content creation tool. The peculiarity of Frase is that it uses its own AI called Frase NLG (Natural Language Generation), not GPT-3. The tool is designed to create top-ranked content.

Frase allows the writers to create their workspace. You can choose the length, keywords insertion, and other creativity parameters. It will quickly help you generate the content. 


Optimized tool for blog writing

The tool allows doing SEO analytics


Most of the features work on the paid subscription

 Still under development stage

  1.  Rytr

SEO based AI Content tools list.

Rytr is another popular AI writing tool to help us create anything from YouTube video descriptions to social media bios. The tool offers easy and simple ways to write blogs as per the SEO requirement.

The tool is specially designed to create technical content. However, it is used more for creating landing pages with keyword optimization. The tool helps you create high-quality content. The content scores on parameters of readability and search optimization are high.


Allows you to write lengthy website or landing pages or white papers content

Helps writers to create top quality SEO optimized content


Designed to create long content 

 The free trial is for a short time.

Final Thoughts

 The content generation trends and the way search engines crawl the text are rapidly changing. 

You need to use all the tricks while writing the content that can rank high. New and advanced SEO techniques will help in improving and outranking your competitors.

During this process, AI-based content and SEO software is your best friend if you want to take things to the next level.

We would suggest trying the above-discussed tools to improve the quality of your content. 

 But keep in mind that if you’re truly serious about SEO you will need to stick to these AI-based techniques and use multiple tools to get a copy of fully optimized content.

 Most AI tools work on the inputs you provide as a writer or SEO executive. So, one has to acquire detailed and updated knowledge to work in this field.

Keep your research on! Take hands-on experience in generating SEO content using these tools!