Enterprise SEO vs Local SEO

In general, the main difference between enterprise SEO and local SEO is the focus of the optimization efforts. Enterprise SEO is focused on optimizing a website for a large, national or international audience, while local SEO is focused on optimizing a website for a specific local area.

At present, local SEO techniques are becoming the latest strategy for small-scale companies. But enterprises have a different perspective. They opt for the SEO techniques that can improve search engine visibility by building brand value.

As SEO services are among the most popular internet marketing techniques, it becomes even more crucial to choose the right agency and the right SEO type so that you can gain maximum traffic.

Enterprise SEO vs Local SEO

Here in this post, we are going to discuss the difference between enterprise and local SEO. Business owners or managers can get a clear picture which will help them hire the best SEO company for their next project.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO starts with the optimization of the website by applying strategies to increase local business. The main objective is to reach local audiences. This is the best SEO strategy for small businesses and startups. A unique geographical area is targeted to obtain higher traffic in a particular region. Local SEO is beneficial for businesses like dental, home services, real estate, legal firms and a wide range of other small businesses. 

Some of the Local SEO activities include:

  • Optimization of your website for Google Business Profile
  • Boost online visibility
  • Brings organic traffic to your brick-and-mortar location
  • Attract targeted traffic to improve CTR
  • Optimize online directories and citations.

What is Enterprise SEO?

Enterprises’ SEO campaigns are designed to achieve global business targets for comprehensive and complex websites (websites having 1000+ pages). Enterprise SEO is good for eCommerce websites having multiple products or for websites providing bigger services. It is based on achieving long-term benefits by improving the revenue for larger organizations. Some activities of the enterprise SEO are:

Do Enterprise SEO and local SEO affect each other?

SEO does not provide a one-size-fits-all solution for big or small size companies. Search engine optimization strategy for every company starts by deciding the SEO goals for the business. From there, it’s possible to find your marketing opportunities and set a strategy that matches your current size and goals for growth.

Local SEO optimization can prove like a reward for small-scale companies. However, enterprises too can gain benefits from local SEO. Some of the benefits of Local SEO that are good for enterprises are:

  • Local SEO provides more elaborated information about your business to target customers. The SEO overall focuses on increasing search engine ranking to gain traffic. If that is happening with a location then this is always beneficial for the long-term growth of an enterprise.
  • Local SEO results of the lead generation are better. This lays a strong foundation upon which you can build a mutually beneficial customer relationship and goodwill in the local as well as global market.
  • It’s difficult to draw a solid box around Enterprise and Local SEO. Some of the activities are similar and some of the strategies like content and keyword optimization, website optimization, and link creation are similar.

At this point, we can say that both types of SEO can help a business grow and reach larger audiences, gaining business benefits. For both types of SEO projects, business owners need to hire a top-rated SEO agency that can understand the market niche and business goals.

Difference between Enterprise SEO and Local SEO

It’s better to draw a line between enterprise and local SEO so that business owners and managers can choose the best plan and best SEO package for their website. Some of the differences have been explained below:

  • Difference in location

Local SEO target is a particular geographical location. The focus is to target local audiences. In Enterprise SEO, there is no location limit. Considering the need of mobile users, local and enterprise SEO campaigns differ from location to worldwide reach. For local SEO, the GMB profile helps boost organic traffic.

  • Difference in SERPs

SEO campaigns are designed to get the ranking on the first page of SERPs. The overall SEO results depend on creating brand awareness. Both local and enterprise SEO techniques can help you get higher SERP results. So, there is no particular type of SEO that will ensure a higher SERP.

  • Difference in Strategies

Local SEO strategies focus on profile creation and reputation management. Link building is done keeping the local market and immediate competitors in mind. Local SEO is more dynamic than enterprise SEO. The main activities carried out in an enterprise marketing campaign are content optimization and link building. For a successful enterprise SEO campaign, you have to generate high-quality engaging content.

  • Difference in Tools

The SEO project results are obtained using various SEO tools such as Google Analytics, keyword research tools, Google search console, and so on. Depending on the SEO project, these tools are chosen. There are some tools like Brightlocal SEO that are specific to local SEO. That’s why we need to decide whether we wish to opt for enterprise SEO or local SEO.

  • Difference in Importance

Location-based SEO is important if you are targeting local communities. For local businesses like city-based healthcare services, and services like plumbing, carpentering, door to door selling, local SEO can prove as a game-changing marketing method. However, for enterprises, location-based marketing is not enough. They need to focus on other search engine optimization techniques that can have a greater outreach.

  • Difference in Keywords

Keywords always play an important role while promoting any business. For local SEO, we focused to use only localized keywords such as [city name]+[service name] and for enterprise SEO, we use generic keywords along with some location based keywords.

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A well-executed enterprise SEO is a long-term solution to have a digital footprint on search engines and protects brands’ value with changing google algorithm fluctuations. This type of SEO always presents your brand to searchers at every stage of the customer’s journey.

Wrap Up

SEO entirely depends on the efforts and planning done based on market research. Local SEO is good for local businesses whereas enterprise SEO is a better choice for global businesses.

The above discussion  summarizes the following facts;

  • Both, enterprise and local SEO have their unique importance in internet marketing. No one is the replacement for each other.
  • If you are doing SEO for the first time and have a small setup, local SEO is beneficial. It can popularize your business in the local region with a small budget.
  • Enterprise SEO is beneficial for companies that are already a brand or running an eCommerce business. They have already a scaled business and allocate a decent budget for SEO.
  • Above all, we can say hiring a top-level agency for an SEO project is a necessity. Skilled and experienced SEO project managers can do detailed research on the type of SEO required after a quick SEO audit.

The right choice of SEO will bring tangible rewards and will improve your SERP results. You can contact the best SEO agency nearby for local SEO and a top-level global company for enterprise SEO. For more details on gaining the best SEO results, you might contact a leading SEO agency like RedBlink.

You can also schedule a free consultation with us and get the required quote and answers to all your queries that will help you make a more informed decision.